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The Crimson

"Making the world bloody"

The Crimson is an evil biome with a red gore theme, in contrast to the dark purple wasteland theme of its counterpart, the corruption. Every world will contain one of the two generated randomly (each with a 50% chance of occurring) or chosen by the player upon world creation ( only after the Wall of Flesh has been defeated in any world). Both contain similar hazards and feature their own unique enemies, items, and blocks. The tools, weapons, and armor obtained via Crimson material generally have minor advantages over those obtained via Corruption materials; However, Corruption tools are slightly faster. Crimson enemies tend to have slightly higher stats, such as health, defense, and damage.

The Crimson contains multiple chasms, extensions of the biome into the underground. Every chasm has an entrance on the surface and leads to a large, circular cavity, then branches off into small "fingers" which end with a Crimson Heart. Crimson Altars generally line the chasm's passages, appearing inside and around it. Chasms consist of Crimstone, which can be blown up by explosives, mined with a Nightmare / Deathbringer Pickaxe or higher, or purified to Stone by using Purification Powder.

The Crimson spreads, meaning it slowly converts adjacent tiles to their Crimson variants. See below for details. Chasms, Crimson Altars, and Crimson Hearts will only appear upon world generation, and will not spawn in a Crimson area that has formed through spreading. If enough Crimson manages to take over a new area, then that area will eventually adopt the Crimson's theme music, background, and water color. For an area to be considered a Crimson biome, at least  300 / 200 tiles of Crimson grass or Crimson blocks must be present. Thorny bushes will begin to sprout on the grass and will damage the player when touched.

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Spread [edit | edit source]

Main article: Biome spread

The Crimson spreads itself, similar to the corruption and the Hallow. This means that it slowly converts certain susceptible tiles that are in the vicinity of existing Crimson blocks. While its spreading capabilities are very limited during pre-Hardmode, it spreads much faster and more aggressively after defeating the Wall of Flesh. Defeating Plantera for the first time reduces the speed of the Crimson's spread by 1/2 (50%).

Crimson Desert [edit | edit source]

In Hardmode, Crimson spreads through Deserts, transforming them into Crimson Deserts. A Crimson Desert is fairly similar to a regular patch of Crimson: The theme music and enemies are the same, with the addition of:

Sand is replaced by Crimsand. Cacti drop ordinary cactus when cut, even though they have a different color. Waterleaf is not able to grow in Crimson Deserts. If a Crimson biome overlaps a Desert biome during world generation, Sand will be converted to Crimsand, but it will not spread until Hardmode.

Crimson Snow [edit | edit source]

Like the Crimson desert, Crimson Snow biomes are created when a Crimson spreads into a Snow biome during Hardmode. Snow is not convertible, but Ice can be converted into Red Ice. Red Ice can be created during generation if a Crimson biome overlaps a Snow biome, but it will not spread until Hardmode.

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Tips [edit | edit source]

For elaborate strategies on surviving in the Crimson, including detailed gear recommendations, see Guide: Surviving in the Crimson.

  • Early on, determining whether a world contains Crimson is possible in the following ways:
The tree in world selection (on the right: during hard mode)
  • During world generation, one half of the progress bar will be green, and the other half red (purple for corruption worlds). Additionally, the bar on the inside will be yellow (lime green for Corruption worlds), representing Ichor. The step in the world generation process in which the Crimson is created is called "Making the world bloody" ("Making the world evil" for Corruption worlds). Also, a tree at the side of the world name in the world selection has one green / normal side and one red side (purple for corruption worlds).

Trivia [edit | edit source]

Two Crimson chasms overlapping each other.
Crimson logo with Blood Crawler displayed on the Official Terraria Forums (Crimson style)
  • Occasionally, two chasms might overlap, causing a sort of "cross" or "X" pattern, as seen in the image to the right.
  • Because of the large circular cavity, its out-warding branches, and the entrance tunnel cutting at sharp angles, the chasm has many interpretations:
    • A cartoonish hand with its fingers outstretched.
    • A heart connected to veins, because of its red theme.
    • These chasms could represent the body of a neuron, a cell in the brain, evidenced by its associated boss, the Brain of Cthulhu, while the Corruption chasms resemble worm tunnels and has a worm-like boss, the Eater of Worlds.
    • The entrance of the chasm has teeth-like stalactites and stalagmites, and could be interpreted as the entrance being the mouth of a beast.
  • The interpretations of the above-mentioned trivia notes would make sense with the Crimson's gore-like theme.
  • Many Crimson enemies have deformed features or blisters that resemble cancerous growths. This contrasts with the rotten bodies of many corruption enemies, sometimes with green pus dripping out of them.
  • During a Blood Moon, three critters turn Vicious (Vicious Bunny, Vicious Goldfish, and Vicious Penguin), a reference to the Crimson. They can also manually be turned Vicious with Vicious Powder.
  • - According to the official game lore, the Crimson is a living being who wants to balance the world, and the creatures who come from it used to worship the Crimson. It acts like a hive mind connected to all worlds. The being itself is unseen.
    • Based on this, it appears likely that Crimstone is this massive being's flesh. This is supported by its appearance, as well as the fact that the item used to craft items with it is called the Meat Grinder.
  • If you use the seed 05162020 in 1.4, you'll have both the Crimson and Corruption in the same world, along with Living Trees having Moon Lord Legs and Red Potion inside their chests.
  • The crimson could be a reference to the corruption bacteria from the Dead Space series.
    • The shade of Crimson grass appears to be almost the exact same shade as inverted Hallowed grass.
    • The achievement "Corruptible" refers to the corruption. However, the Crimson appears to have no Crimson achievement equivalent.
    • On the Desktop version and Mobile version, the Surface Crimson Biome can sometimes show a Crimera floating in the background.

    Gallery [edit | edit source]

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    • Classic background, consisting of crimson trees and a distant giant skull and bones

    • Similar to the previous image, but has a redder grass hue and different trees, skull and bones

    • Red hills with crimson trees and large brown arches

    • Red field with eyeballs and bones

    • Blood lake with dragon bones in a crimson field with many trees and more dragon bones.

    • Jagged, dark red rocky landscape with stone arches.

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    History [edit | edit source]

    • Desktop 1.4.1:
      • Worldgen will attempt to avoid overlapping the Crimson with the Jungle during initial Worldgen.
      • Vicious Goldfish can now naturally spawn in Crimson water.
    • Desktop 1.2.3: Crimson Deserts now have the proper water color. Added unimplemented crimson monster sounds.