How to Free Harvest in Gimp 2

How to Make a Swirl in GIMP

The GIMP photo editor supports a "vortex and pinch" effect that can create a distorted vortex in an image identical to that produced by the popular effect in Apple's Photo Booth. GIMP can be downloaded for free from the website if you have not already installed it on your computer. Using the settings in the Vortex and Pinch dialog box, change the radius and intensity of the vortices.


1 Use one of the GIMP's selection tools to select, swirl, the area of ​​the image.

2 Open the Filters menu, point to Distorts, and click Rotate and Press.

3 Use the sliders in the Adjust Swirls and Pinch Swirls dialog box. Changes are reflected in the preview window at the top of the dialog box.

4 Press "OK" to apply the twist.