What do pigeon snails eat

Natural enemies

Wild animals

Many wild animals eat snails or their eggs and should therefore find a niche in the garden wherever possible. But let's not fool ourselves: No matter how intact a biotope may be, it can cope with the nudibranch invasions that we have experienced in recent years. Especially since the requirements of an ornamental or kitchen garden are not always compatible with the preferences of the wild animals (just think of the mole, who is not really welcome in the garden as a loyal guest).

There is a great deal of information available about creating near-natural gardens. We therefore limit ourselves here to information that we consider to be of interest as a supplement.

Frogs, toads, blindworms, lizards, amphibians, salamanders, grass snakes
Hedgehogs, moles, shrews
Blackbirds, thrushes, magpies, herons, gulls, rooks, woodpecker tits, starlings, stranglers
Fireflies, ground beetles, fireflies, marsh flies and their larvae, carrion beetles, golden ground beetles, half-winged beetles, centipedes, raven beetles, harvestmen, soft beetles


The cute Indian runner ducks are the media favorites. A little bit of tradition (the good old duck pond), a little bit of exoticism and then also useful! No wonder that the demand is so great that breeders regularly run out of offspring in the summer. But be careful. We would like to emphasize here that keeping ducks needs to be carefully considered. You have to be there for them every day, lock them in the stable in the evening and let them out again in the morning. Provide you with a pond or enough fresh water every day. Apart from the pond, the same applies to the "trendy" mini pigs, on workdays, Sundays and also on vacation. The supposed benefit quickly becomes a burden. So, dear gardening friends: Please only chickens, ducks and pigs if keeping small animals is fun and wanted.

Chinese quails, ducks, chickens, Indian runner ducks, khaki campell ducks, Peking ducks, wart ducks

A list of breeders can be found at www.laufenten.de (external link).

Mini and domestic pigs

We have no experience with keeping mini pigs and are grateful for reports in this regard. They are cute and allegedly house-trained too. They are also supposed to scare away foxes. Perhaps the ideal complement to ducks and chickens?

Under www.schweinefreunde.de (external link) there are sources of supply and a forum.


Nematodes of the species Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita are infected with the bacterium Moraxella osloensis, which is effective against slugs of the species Deroceras reticulatum and young Arion lusitanicus. The nematodes transport the bacteria through the breathing hole into the snail, where they then develop their effect and kill the snails.