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The forest shows us how to do it: From the subtle (more precisely from the gas) to matter!

Is it really true that you just have to change your thoughts and feelings to create a different reality? Yes and no ... Because ultimately it is about nothing less than your whole being! Reality creation and the law of attraction: how does it work?

I have just seen a terrific lecture by Erwin Thoma, which not only fundamentally changed my thinking and feeling in relation to trees and the forest, it also showed me that trees are masters when it comes to something like that To create subtle matter like gas such a wonderful matter as the forest. Because only 0.5% of the matter comes from the earth, the rest of the tree builds up with the help of light from CO2. Inconceivably!

If you want to see this wonderful lecture: You can watch and even download it here! "Houses like trees, cities like the forest!"

This lecture not only brings you closer to the real wonder of the forest, which has more to do with our lives than we can even imagine and shows us how wonderful it can be to live as an individual in a community. The life and experiences of Erwin Thoma also clearly show how life takes care of you when you go your own way.

So back: Even if we need a lot more from the earth (and how carelessly we often treat it as thanks ...) in order to build up and maintain our bodies, we too are incredible creators of our universe! But is it really true that all you have to do is change your mind to create another reality?

In my experience, the thought is like a seed. And a seed only grows to its full potential when it finds certain conditions. A seed can stay in its capsule for a long time and nothing happens. It is the same with our thoughts and ideas. Only when the seed finds itself in the right environment with exactly the right conditions for it does it begin to germinate. Every seed has very special preferences in terms of temperature and light conditions and each needs its very special "soil" so that it can develop its full potential under optimal conditions. However, a very important requirement is water. Many seeds are very water-poor so that they can survive for a long time and therefore first need a lot of water to swell and then germinate. And it is precisely this water that is our feelings.

The Sanagra River on Lake Como! Let your feelings flow into your vision & enliven it!

So for our idea, for our vision, we need a strong feeling that this vision is what brings this vision to life in the first place. And that's exactly where we come to the subject of what the whole conscious being a creator doesn't make that easy. So positive thinking is of no use on its own if this positive thinking is not also associated with a positive feeling. Often, however, we have had negative feelings about our current state, which we would like to get out of, for a long period of time, especially when it comes to things that are not so easy to achieve. And whenever we imagine what we would like to experience instead, the feeling comes up that it is as annoying as it is right now. We finally want to get away. And it is precisely this wanting to go away, this absolutely wanting to have something different, that places our attention on the lack of what we actually want to experience. The lack, the just not-being-there, is often the feeling that rises in us when we connect with our vision.

So it is not the thoughts that create reality, but thoughts in connection with our feelings. And our feelings arise in our body. So it doesn't just take ideas and visions, it takes our entire body as a travel vehicle to our dreams. Because with it we generate the vibration, which in turn "creates" our reality around us or resonates with the very reality that then enters our life. On the one hand, that makes it very easy, so you just have to be the vibration that corresponds to the vibration that you want to experience. And that is exactly what makes it so difficult on the other hand ... ;-)

Our thoughts, our feelings and our body are first of all an unconscious programming. From an early age we have unconsciously adopted the belief systems of our parents, relatives, friends, society. We noticed our mother's feelings in the womb and developed a certain chemical "preference" for them. This is very wonderfully thought out by nature, because when a living being is born in an environment that is very dangerous, it makes a lot of sense if these beings bring greater awareness of dangers with them than a being who is in a safe one Environment is salvaged into it.

We have actually changed some of this adopted programming through new experiences and adapted it according to our ideas and changed way of life. However, many belief systems run off in us without our being aware of it. We just have a certain feeling about something without knowing exactly why. Often we call this gut instinct without realizing that it is just a pattern that we have adopted from experience or from others and that is now confirmed again and again through our repeated creation. Or we just have an opinion about something without ever really questioning ourselves where it comes from and whether it is helpful for our lives at all.

Before we become conscious of our thoughts and feelings and do not learn to consciously decide which we want to nourish and which not and can then also keep this focus, we live more like programmed machines, which mostly unconsciously within our usual thought and feeling patterns react automatically to external stimuli. Programmed machines that not only react according to their programming, but also create their universe exactly according to their programming. So we don't even see how we create the patterns of our programming ourselves again and again in the outside and even if we have already recognized it, it is precisely this programming that makes it so difficult to detach from it. Why, for example, we set out to react differently a hundred times and then fall back into the old pattern. First of all, it takes the first step to become aware of it in the first place. What we refer to as "I" is mostly a programming that simply lets your program run automatically.

But if this "I" is programming, who are you really?

I made the experience for myself that I am simply pure consciousness. I had this realization when I dealt with the physics experiment again that impressed me the most in my physics career: the double slit experiment. You can read it or find a great video on YouTube, but you don't have to. I thought that if I show the video to others, they would have the same insight as me. That there is nothing that is true outside of my pure consciousness, except this very consciousness, the observer who decides what he sees as true and what is not. Everything that becomes matter from a wave needs an observer and that is us with all our opinions, thought patterns and beliefs.

Unfortunately, I had to make the experience that no one else had this knowledge from this experiment so deeply. I've shown it to a lot of people and thought, everything is clear now, isn't it? But that was not the case with any other. For me it went so deep that I no longer knew what the meaning of life was if there was no such thing as a universally valid truth that one searches for and that one lives by. Your way to come to this realization is your way all by yourself. To do this, Buddha had to leave his family, go from wealth and into asceticism and back out again until he apparently had this knowledge under a tree.

So back to my realization that the "I" is unconscious programming up to this realization and until "awakening". And even if you become aware of it, you are still far from outside. (Unless you have experienced the separation from this "I" all at once and completely, like Eckhart Tolle, for example; Most have this knowledge and then slip back into programming again and again. But hey, this is life! It can It would also be great to enjoy exactly this process and to sit back and enjoy the show, when you learn bit by bit exercises with which you can get out of the game of the ego again and again and better and more easily.) Well, most of them are unfortunately not out of the game with this knowledge. The crux with our travel vehicle, our body is and now we come to the cell biologist Bruce Lipton (and his book "Intelligenteellen" and Joe Dispenza (and his book "Breakingthehabitofbeingyourself", you can also find great lectures by him on YouTube), that with the programming of our "I" we have also programmed a certain body chemistry.Our cells have definitely developed docking keys for certain chemical states in our body, which we then experience often and almost automatically.

For example, if someone gets angry quickly, they have a certain body chemistry, which in turn ensures that they easily get back into this state. And since we, as observers, also determine what will become our reality, the person with this body chemistry and thus with his generated vibration creates more and more precisely those experiences that evoke this feeling in him. A real vicious circle, it seems.

But thank God there is this awareness in us. The observer. If we learn to identify with it, with our real "I" instead of with our programmed thoughts and feelings, then these thoughts and feelings are allowed to be there and be perceived, but they will simply fade away bit by bit because they are no longer nourished get more from you as a mere observer. Because the observer, you, no longer make a story out of them. You no longer identify with them. You get out of them. Not by suppressing them, because then they slide into the subconscious and our greatest creator is now our subconscious. So they create without you consciously recognizing the connection between your thoughts and feelings and your reality. So no repression, but a "you-are-allowed-to-be-there". You can watch them, but you don't act out of them. Do not feed them with further thoughts.

So how do I do it, to become more and more of an observer and to get out of the game of our ego, the identification with them. The first step in my life was that I asked myself more and more often during the day how I was doing. I consciously made contact with myself in order to be aware of what was going on inside me. That was the very first step for me to experience first and foremost pure awareness. And this is also an important step towards being a conscious creator, because only when you know what is going on in you do you also know in which direction your vibration and thus your energy is going. Whether you go into resonance with what you want to be or whether you create in the other direction.

So the first step was becoming aware of myself. Self reflection. Many shy away from it out of fear of what they might discover about themselves. But firstly, if you do not know what is going on in you, you cannot see any connections between your vibration and what is coming into your life, and secondly you cannot consciously adapt your vibration to the life that you want to live instead . You have to know what is going on inside you, especially what your team is doing in the subconscious, so that you as the captain can give the right instructions and see whether they are being followed. A blind captain can hardly see where the ship and his crew are heading. And besides, it is only your programmed "I" that you look at yourself. Something we all have as humans. We all went through this programming. But from now on you can decide how much you identify with it and how much it determines your life from now on.

The next step here is meditation :-)

I used to think, what should this meditate? I didn't get the point. But when I had my realization and saw how easily I slip into identification again and again, I realized that meditation is a great thing. However, I'm not the type to sit down mornings and evenings and watch my thoughts. I like to integrate things into my everyday life. And that's how I do it while washing the dishes, going for a walk, cleaning, etc. .... I just observe myself very intensely, perceive myself, my thoughts and feelings and practice not to identify with them. Don't feed them any further. To break the chain between thoughts and corresponding feelings and, from this, further corresponding thoughts and feelings. Stop the vicious cycle. To calm my mind and my feelings. My singing bowls are a wonderful aid for me. When I hear the sound of a singing bowl, my mind comes to rest almost instantly and my body goes into a deep state of relaxation. Perhaps they will also help you to perceive this state, this feeling better and to integrate it more into your everyday life.

This whole thing is like training a muscle. You start in easy situations, practice and practice and then suddenly you can do it in connection with other people, with stressful situations and finally everywhere. (I'm still a long way from here, but I am enjoying the trip a lot now because I don't let myself get carried away for too long ... :-)

So you train your mind and feeling set. Until you can actually consciously decide how to deal with it in almost any situation. Until you can decide which thoughts you are nurturing and which are not. No more automatism, but pure awareness. That's a way and that's life. It doesn't happen overnight, at least not for most of us. But it gets easier every day. Every day you can better decide what to focus your attention on and thereby create the life that you want to experience more and more easily. The muscle to keep your focus and to determine yourself is getting stronger and stronger. The muscle to get out of thoughts and feelings that you no longer want to feed becomes stronger and stronger. You align your entire body in the direction of the vibration that you experience, that you want to be.

Since we have now arrived back at our body and our body chemistry, I would like to share my experience on how it can be easier to keep up this path, especially at the beginning. The ego is tricky and the mind and our body are not so stable and steadfast, especially at the beginning. Anything that supports your body, strengthens it and strengthens it, is also good on this path. Years of certain body chemistry, i.e. a certain way of thinking and feeling, a certain diet, a lack of vitamins and minerals, enzymes and, above all, a certain culture of intestinal bacteria can have resulted. How important a healthy intestinal flora is for our immune system, for example, has only really been researched in recent years. And the research that shows that our intestinal bacteria have a considerable influence on our emotional state are brand new!

Since I have seen how it is easier for some to change their mind and feeling set, but others find it very difficult and trying again and again and not making it causes a real frustration, which in turn has a negative effect and can create a rather strong vicious circle , I can only recommend taking a holistic approach. Perhaps you have a good doctor or alternative practitioner who can check whether you have a deficiency in important vitamins, minerals, enzymes or trace elements and who can help you compensate for this. Taking intestinal bacteria can also be very useful, especially if you have been given antibiotics that destroy the intestinal flora. (We had everything tested about bioresonance, but that is not medically recognized and definitely not the way for everyone and the person who does bioresonance must also be very good!). Even the best nutrition only works if you have the appropriate digestive enzymes in you or if you consume some raw food. And as I said, if you have a healthy intestinal flora. Incidentally, this is also built up via raw food, so it is good to include some raw food in your diet. If you have problems with this, then maybe first take in intestinal bacteria. The best thing to do is to discuss this with a doctor or alternative practitioner, this leads too far here and is also much too individual!

So if you want to strengthen your mind and feeling set, then a healthy diet goes without saying, which naturally strengthens and builds up your body. There, too, there will be your very own path. Feel more and more what the food is doing to you. How are you doing and then. Eat consciously! Does it help you feel the way you want to feel? Does it strengthen your energy, does it make you more alert, clearer and more conscious? And above all, pay attention to the conversations over dinner and with whom you are eating. It's not just what we eat that can weaken our energy!

A very important point is a lot of water. Pure, still water. This flushes out everything that may have burdened your body for years and what it would like to get rid of and it is very important for your brain. A simple but very effective tool to support a healthy body and thus strengthen your mind and feeling set.

Exercise and fresh air. Movement sets everything in motion again. Not only your body, but also rigid beliefs that are a hindrance to your life. The body can purify. Do it bit by bit, in case you have neglected this for a long time, from my experience a lot can be released again in your body, including energies, which can first be processed and let go. Many ask too much of themselves and that can lead to giving up again quickly. Even with body sensations that have no cause in an illness, which should first be clarified medically, the pure observer is very helpful in releasing this from the body bit by bit.

All of this can help you to stabilize your body so that you can more easily change your mind and feeling set in the direction you need it for your very individual life. However, these are only my experiences and it may be that your path is completely different. But even then, these suggestions may help you to better understand what it is about if you want to be a conscious creator and you may even come up with a lot of your own ideas while reading!

And maybe my sound meditation for the root chakra can help you with this. It is about the foundation in your life, including a healthy diet that is right for you, a healthy and strengthening environment and the belief systems and thought patterns that are right for you. She can support you in developing and strengthening your very personal and healthy point of view, which in turn helps you to stand by and stick to the things that are right for you and your path in life. It strengthens the structure in your life that is healthy for you. And it once again promotes your awareness of the topic of RealityCreation by making you aware of which seeds you are planting and whether they match the fruits that you would like to harvest in your life. This is my blog entry about the root chakra sound meditation to read more closely whether it is something that could support you right now and here you can listen to it. You can still find an old version of my root chakra in my podcast on iTunes ... :-)

With regard to the topic of which seeds we plant in our life, we come to the next important step towards a holistic approach in the development of a healthy mind and feeling set in order to be the conscious creator of your life: How do you nourish your energetic system? With what information and energies? Are the things you pay attention to helpful and supportive in your life? Which vibrations do you surround yourself with? What information do you leave in your energy system? What importance do you give them?

So two and a half years ago I made the decision to only watch positive things on TV for myself. Mostly funny. But also reports on ARTE that show that there are many people who make positive changes in our world. I read things that take me further, that help me to be and experience what I want to be and experience. To help me develop into the version of myself that I want to live. Paying attention to the vibrations with which I surround myself and what information I absorb has had a fantastic effect on my life!

The nice thing about developing a mind and feeling set that is good for itself is that the more stable and centered you become, the stronger the muscle in you, the less other vibrations bring you out of your center. Then chaos can reign around you, but you stay with yourself. Your center becomes more and more independent of external circumstances, your satisfaction is no longer linked to certain external events!

Until that happens, however, it is basically a very light milkmaid calculation: How much attention and energy do you draw on what you want to be and experience and how much attention and energy on the things that you no longer have in yours Want to have life? And then you know exactly in which direction your life is going .... :-) (I know it's not that easy, but I hope that with this article I have given you enough suggestions and ideas that it is for you Every day it becomes easier and easier to create the life you want from your heart, to make your life and our world a little bit richer every day. To be a conscious creator!

If you need support in becoming more aware of the energies with which you surround yourself and which information you direct your attention to, in order to develop an ever stronger focus on the things in your life that you want to see and experience more and more You maybe mine Sound meditation for the solar plexus chakra help. Here you can find more information about it in my blog and here it goes to Listen to the solar plexus chakra!

All the best for you on your way,