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Magnesium oil: help with sleep problems and tension?

Magnesium oil seems to be the new star in the sky of alternative treatment methods and is mainly used to combat pain. It just needs to be rubbed on the skin and in this way is intended to eliminate the following problems or alleviate symptoms of illness:

  • Joint pain
  • asthma
  • Muscle discomfort
  • fatigue
  • high blood pressure
  • PMS
  • migraine
  • sleep disorders
  • stress
  • and much more

It has been proven that magnesium has clear effects on our health. But only if it is taken with dietary supplements. But can magnesium help just as well or even better through the skin, i.e. via transdermal application?

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There is no clear scientific evidence

First of all: really convincing studies on the subject of magnesium oil do not exist to this day. Among other things, they have University of Edinburgh as well as the University of Cambridge a research was carried out which deals with magnesium in more detail. This questions whether magnesium in our cells plays a role in sleep disorders. The result: Yes, there is indeed a connection! However, the investigation does not show that magnesium oil can and should be used for this purpose.

The manufacturers write on their websites that the effects of magnesium oil have been scientifically proven, but there is no solid evidence. There is only one unpublished report on the survey of a producer of oil on the Internet. The bottom line: All studies that exist are either unofficial, with too few participants, unreliably randomized, without a control group or without blinding doctors and participants. The latter means that everyone involved in the study knows that magnesium oil and not a placebo is used.

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What should you watch out for with magnesium oil?

The magnesium oil, which is mostly sold in spray bottles, is actually not an oil at all. The liquid (concentrated solution of magnesium chloride) is only slightly reminiscent of an oily consistency. To achieve a healing effect, the product should be used as follows:

  • Quantity: Spray the oil undiluted on the skin (5 to 20 sprays). Several applications per day are possible.
  • Application: In the next step, rub the magnesium on those areas that need the miracle cure. The skin can supposedly absorb more magnesium the better the emulsion is massaged in. Please note, however, that you should avoid sensitive areas (e.g. nipples) or mucous membranes.
  • Beauty tip: Magnesium oil is ideal as a bath additive or for foot baths. It is even said to be useful as a deodorant.
  • Costs: The price of the oil varies depending on the manufacturer. However, you can expect 10 to 30 euros.

Magnesium oil is harmless, so exact dosages do not have to be observed. Many feel a certain tingling, itching or burning sensation - especially when they are first applied. According to the manufacturers, this will pass after a few minutes and should mean that there is a magnesium deficiency. Danger: Again, there is no scientific evidence.

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Testing is above studying!

As with all treatments, the following applies to magnesium oil: He who heals is right. Just because there are no clear study results so far does not necessarily mean that the product remains ineffective. The placebo effect can also work wonders! If we believe in a positive effect, then it can actually produce a satisfactory result.

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