How to fix the bug in the dynamic link library

I have a problem with QGIS 1.8.0 Lisboa installed on a desktop with Windows 8 Pro. When I start qgis.bat, the message "The procedure entry point? Minimum @ QAbstractSlider @@ QBEHXZ could not be found in the dynamic link library C: \ Progra ~ 2 \ Quantum GIS Lisboa \ bin \ phonon4.dll" appears.

I would like to specifically say that QGIS 1.8 ran correctly the first time it was installed.

I think some Windows updates or new software installations caused the problem.

When I try to reinstall QGIS nothing changes.

Is there any way to restore the situation?

It is always a good idea to install QGIS in a folder with no spaces. The OSGeo4W installer does this by default, but the standalone installer does not. The standard spoils some parts of the installation.

And please use a new version of OSGeo4w setup.exe, as older versions were also defective.

  • I tried your suggestions, but the result is the same
  • 1 Ok, but the path in the error message should be different. Is the DLL there? Try copying it to \ apps \ qgis \ bin. Also, search your hard drive for DLLs with that name. Maybe another version bothers you. The right one should be from February 2011.
  • Solved! I copied all files in \ OSGeo4W \ bin \ to \ OSGeo4W \ apps \ qgis \ bin \. The first time I only moved phonon4.dll: A new error occurred when starting qgis.bat (qwt5.dll is missing). I found another post on this issue (…) and fixed the problem. Now QGIS seems to be working fine! Many Thanks