How to make a good token presentation

What makes a good company presentation?

How do you convince potential new customers or investors of your company? A company presentation is an indispensable product for this - but not just any product. In this blog we explain to you how to build a really good presentation - and how to win over each of your listeners or viewers for you.

How to arouse emotions with your company presentation

Nowadays we have to convince faster than ever - and that also applies to our own company presentation. First of all, think about whether you will send the presentation or whether you should personally support you at a meeting. Decision-makers in particular have little time and will not give you a full hour to let your company convince you.

Show your company in such a way that it becomes tangible for the audience. Emotions, emotions, emotions! Whether you use pictures of your employees, show an image video or, if possible, have the important people with you - the main thing is that your viewers get a feeling for who is behind the company.

If you are giving a company presentation on site, an object can also help you convince. As soon as you hold something in your hand, your audience's gaze is fixed on it and you have secured their attention. Especially when you're selling products, make sure you have a sample of it with you so that your audience can touch, try, and use it.

How to create images with your company presentation

Numbers and facts tire your audience quickly. Pictures, moving elements, text - there is a wide range of options with which you can convince your audience. It is important that you create images in the minds of your viewers. And how do we do that? By stimulating the imagination through stories and going on a little journey together.

For example, if you want to sell new natural cosmetic products, you could say "Our products are made without chemical ingredients and are 100% natural." Or you can take your audience on a little journey - and it should start right away with the words “Imagine ... you are walking through a meadow of flowers, you feel the light wind on your skin and slowly it starts to rain lightly. Your skin absorbs the moisture and you can feel how it is getting more and more energy. This is what our new skin cream feels like - and is almost as pure as water without chemical additives. "

You can create such and similar stories either by simply telling them - or you can also help yourself with images. Make sure you use well-dissolved material. Images that make you think, make you laugh, maybe even provoke. If you pay attention to these points, you can also create a convincing company presentation with PowerPoint. Otherwise there is of course also professional software with which you can create fully animated presentations, for example.

Finally, a little tip that is often forgotten: because who knows best? The customer! Use good references for your company presentation. After all, they are the ones you have already convinced of your company - and they can now help you to convince others.

And if it doesn't quite work out that way despite our tips, don't worry! Presentation design is our strength and we are happy to support you. Let us inspire you a little! Find out more here!