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Black Hole XL Premium Drying Cloth 80x50cm 1300GSM borderless

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The best of all dry wipes The Liquid Elements Black Hole is the best known dry ... more

The best of all dry wipes

The Liquid Elements Black Hole is the best known dry wipe on the market.
The Black Hole It is a borderless Premium Drying Towel of the newest generation.

The Black Hole is recommended for all vehicle classes.



  • Twisted Pile (Korea Fibers) & nbsp;
  • Rimless
  • Streak-free drying
  • High water absorption
  • Absolutely lint-free
  • High quality
  • Radiant shine after vehicle drying. < li="">
  • # 1 dry cloth


    Weight: 1300GSM
    Size: 80x50cm

    Material composition:

    80% polyester
    20% polyamides


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Customer evaluation for "Black Hole XL Premium Drying Cloth 80x50cm 1300GSM borderless"
From:Alex R.On:22 Feb 2021

Great result. The paint is nice and dry and free of streaks

From:Florian EndertOn:28 Jan 2021


Perfect drying towel. You don't have to write more about it!

From:Tobias HeitzenröderOn:14 Jan 2021

Does what it says on the tin!

In fact, the most absorbent cloth I know. The manufacturer keeps what he promises.
My golf can be perfectly dried with a cloth. Probably even several times. Simply lay it on and pull it over the surface without pressure - zack dry -

From:El microOn:20 Dec 2020


The best on the market

From:Oliver OttOn:16 Dec 2020
From:Veronica On:2 Dec 2020
From:Andreas FOn:28 Nov 2020

One of the best

One of the best drying towels I know. If it wasn't so dark I would give full points.

Best drying towel

I've been using the little black hole for a long time. Now I have the XL and I can only say that something very powerful is awesome. So you could easily dry 3 middle class cars and still no water would come out of the cloth?

From:Florian WetzelOn:31 Oct 2020

Super product simply brilliant

The cloth is simply brilliant. The vehicle is dry in no time. Just amazing.

From:Jan HoigtOn:31 Oct 2020

Top drying towel

I am very satisfied with the Blackholexl drying cloth
I would highly recommend buying the Blackhole again and again

From:Patrick FrankeOn:29 Oct 2020

Great cloth

Very good drying behavior, fun to dry the car. =)

From:KatjaOn:15 Oct 2020

More than recommendable!

As soon as the Black Hole was available again, we bought 4 more. Always fascinating how well it works, with a cloth I get two Skoda Fabias dust-dry.

From:Jürgen KlattOn:14 Oct 2020

Best cloth !! 1

Best drying towel on the market, soaks up the water like a black hole, as the name suggests lel

From:OzcanOn:12 Oct 2020


Very good, large, highly absorbent drying cloth

From:Mathias RotheutOn:6 Oct 2020

Just genius

Best drying towel ever

From:Tim R.On:17 Sep 2020

I love it

The cloth is absolutely amazing when it comes to drying.

From:KevinOn:17 Sep 2020


Great material processing! Can be recommended with a clear conscience.

From:Andy LinzOn:31 Aug 2020


Ingenious drying cloth, which rightly bears its name :-)

From:Almir HodzicOn:26 Aug 2020

The best cloth I've ever had so far. Insanely good. And at this point thanks also to the mega support from LE!

The best cloth I've ever had so far. Insanely good. And at this point thanks also to the mega support from LE!

From:And IOn:10 Aug 2020


Meanwhile I have 3 Black Hole drying towels and two silverback, which are now used for entry. But back to the Black Hole, it's just awesome, I don't want another one !!

From:Holger SchmidtOn:3 Aug 2020

Liquid Elements Black Hole XL Premium Drying Towel 80x50cm 1300GSM rimless

Top goods!

From:rs-carcosmeticsOn:3 Aug 2020

No more cloth

There is no better drying sheet. Point.
Customers who book a treatment with ceramic sealing from me receive this cloth from me.

From:AxonOn:3 Aug 2020

Best drying towel

I previously had the little Sonax drying towels, and then came across the Blockhole XL through a friend. Ordered one straight away and have never wanted to be without it since. Dry the whole body with a cloth, and for the rims I take the small version of the cloth. Definitely worth the money.

From:KatjaOn:3 Aug 2020

More than recommendable!

All the very good reviews have not promised too much. We are very excited ??

From:Georgios GiannaridisOn:30 Jul 2020

Best drying towel

I can only recommend it

From:A. SchusterOn:24 Jul 2020

We recommend

I was looking for an alternative to the shower squeegee. Use this cloth to dry the shower cubicle and the shower tray after showering. What can I say ... The cloth is ingeniously suited for this. All you have to do is wipe the wall gently and everything is dry and streak-free. I would purchase it again.

From:Hassan SuimriOn:8 Jul 2020

Best drying towel on the market !!!!

The cloth is just awesome. It has a very high suction power. The cloth becomes heavy, but it still sucks. However, the cloth cannot be twisted out. But it doesn't have to. I can only recommend it. Better than the oranges.

From:Heiko NotzOn:8 Jul 2020

Class dry towel 1A

We were already enthusiastic about the Orange Baby, but the Black Hole is worlds more absorbent and also more pleasant to use.

Clear buy recommendation

From:Markus ZiemerOn:6 Jul 2020

Cloth No. 1

Now only use the Black Hole

From:Adrian BrandOn:25 Jun 2020

The madness

Use the cloth for the truck and 2 cloths are enough for the complete truck I'm really excited

From:Nicola ScheithauerOn:15 apr 2020

Absolutely surprised

I already had a lot of dry towels, but the Black Hole is a real miracle, mega workmanship and unbelievable suction power just awesome

From:Serkan ArslanOn:15 apr 2020


The cloth is big enough to completely dry a car, you don't need a second cloth if you have the blackhole. Since there are ultimately two cloths, is the feel accordingly better?

From:MatthiasOn:28 Mar 2020

Best cloth!

Already my 2nd black hole! Simply awesome! Keep it up LE

From:Jimmy GalesOn:28 Mar 2020

Top performance!

Great product, does exactly what it should.

From:Maximilian KirschOn:24 Mar 2020

Super drying towel!

In my opinion, the "Black Hole" absorbs the most water, which makes it the best drying towel for me. ?

From:Markus ZiemerOn:12 Mar 2020

Best drying towel

The size is great and it just dries without leaving streaks

From:Tarik heroOn:2 Mar 2020

There is no better mMn :)

The best drying towel! A cloth and even a huge Dodge Charger from 2019 is dry! Had the Wonder Dryer before. You can throw them in the bin in comparison. Black Hole only comes to my car. :)

From:Paula On:26 Feb 2020

Super drying cloth

Absolutely the best drying towel on the market! Drying without residue possible without having to apply great pressure. even if you just put the cloth on and pull away at the corners completely dry. We recommend.

From:Daniel WidmannOn:9 Feb 2020

Best drying towel ever !!

For me, the Black Hole is the best dry towel I've ever used.
So far I have dried babies with the Orange and have always been satisfied, but the Black Hole is one or two degrees better! I have completely dried my A4 Avant without leaving any residue + inside the bars !!! simply TOP !!!

From:Matthias On:30 Jan 2020

Black Hole XL

Really super drying towel in XL format, I bought two of them. Use a blade to dry the first round, then the drying cloth thought I need both, but there is so much moisture in it that I only needed one.


From:Stefan HinterwimmerOn:30 Jan 2020

Highly recommended

The Black Hole does its job 100% for which it was made. Highly recommend it to everyone.

From:Markus ZiemerOn:22 Jan 2020

Super cloth

Can fully recommend it

From:Christian DeedeOn:23 Dec 2019


The best drying towel on the market

From:Markus ZiemerOn:20 Dec 2019

Drying towel no1

Best drying towel I have used so far

From:Robin RosenbaumOn:17 Dec 2019

Super suction power

Really a drying cloth where the name really says it all
Due to its size, it is ideal for washing your car!

From:Soren On:17 Dec 2019

Absorbs a lot of water, price performance is great