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cinemamovie theater-moviemovie theater-cinematicmovie theater-theatricalmovie theater-Nounscinemamovie theaterthemoviesmovie theatertheatremovie theaterthepicturesmovie theatertheflicksmovie theaterpicturetheatermovie theatermotionpicturehousemovie theatermotion-picture-theatermovie theatermovietheatermovie theater2 words: Othersatthecinemain themovie theater2 words: nounsthemoviesthemovie theater screen 4movie theater 4 travelingcinemamobilemovie theatermultiplex (cinema)Multiplexmovie theater3 words: OthersIntheatersnow.Now inmovie theater.appertaining to thecinemato themovie theaterbelonging3 words: verbs to go to thecinemainsmovie theaterwalk to go to themoviesinsmovie theaterwalk to go to the picturesinsmovie theaterwalkto attendmoviesinsmovie theaterwalk3 words: nounstrip to thecinemaExcursionmovie theaterdrive-in theaterDrive-inmovie theaterdrive-in theaterDrive-inmovie theatertheatrical runRuntime inmovie theaterozonerOpen airmovie theater4 words: verbs to play / runinacinemain amovie theaterto run5+ words: OthersWell, I never!I think I ammovie theater!I leftmycamerainthecinema.I have my camera inmovie theaterleave behind.Wouldyoulike to go to thecinemawithme?Would you like to be with mirinsmovie theaterwalk?Taxa / species (animals, plants, fungi)