Jimmy Baio, where is he now

Jimmy Kelly New hobby to defend yourself against your siblings?

The majority of the Kelly Family’s “We Got Love” tour is over and Jimmy Kelly (47) is already looking for a replacement for frisking around on stage every evening. Or maybe after almost three months “on the road” he is also looking for a hobby so that he can keep his siblings at bay.

This is how Kelly's papa Dan († 71) commemorates on tour!

“There are some I don't like” - that's how Joey Kelly spoke to us last year about his siblings. You can see in the following video whether he has also told us who is not so green for him:

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Together with his wife Meike, Jimmy was allowed to swing his sword - and that too, trained by a real Olympian! Britta Heidemann (35) not only won the gold medal in Beijing in 2008, but was also world champion in 2007 and European champion with the sword in 2009.

In order for her not to get out of practice, the little training competition seemed to come just in time, because on February 2, 2018, she announced that she wanted to end her sporting career. So now she has all the time in the world to train Jimmy - or just to teach him something else.

And Jimmy wasn't doing that badly, after all, the Kellys got dance training as kids and teens and proper footwork is the be-all and end-all of fencing.

In an Instagram video of the fencer, however, Jimmy is really out of breath and Britta is already challenging the next training partner: Joey Kelly (45)! The extreme athlete will certainly also have real pleasure in the sport, which is new to him!

You can see Britta's challenge to Joey here!

The break of the band "The Kelly Family" was necessary so that the siblings could find each other again. That's what Patricia Kelly (48) told us last year. You can see what else she revealed here: