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Sheldon Collins

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Sheldon Collins (* January 30, 1955 in New York, USA as Sheldon Golomb 66 years old) is an American actor.

He played a boy in the Star Trek-Episode Epigones.

In addition, Collins had few appearances in film and television productions in his nearly 20-year career.

Next Star Trek he had guest appearances on television series such as Time tunnel (1966, with James Darren, Whit Bissell and Lee Meriwether, among others), Yesterday's man (1968, among others with Monte Markham and Barbara Babcock), My three sons (1968, with Steven McEveety, among others) and Twen Police (1969, with Clarence Williams III, Tige Andrews and Vince Howard, among others).

His film appearances include: The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming! (1966, with Brian Keith, Theodore Bikel, Andrea Dromm, Guy Raymond, Don Keefer, Paul Lambert and Michael J. Pollard).

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