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"DSDS": Dieter Bohlen saw FIVE problems with Clarissa

That's what you call grumbling at a very high level!

On Saturday, rock star Clarissa Schöppe (19) made a big hit in the second motto show of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (RTL). Nevertheless, jury boss Dieter Bohlen (65) had a lot to complain about in the performance. And that had little to do with the singing of the Brandenburg woman ...

In keeping with the theme of “retro hits”, the candidates chose the classic “Jolene” by country star Dolly Parton (73). While Clarissa was singing in her black dress, she was hugged by a dancer in a full body suit. Not the only thing that bothered Bohlen about the performance.

The pop titan after Clarissa's performance: "I had FIVE problems." And then he started.

► Number one was the dancer. “I had always imagined Jolene to be different from such a green frog up here. I found that bizarre ”, Dieter moaned.

The explanation was provided by moderator Oliver Geissen (49), who explained to the musician: "On television it didn't look green, it looked striped." So a technical trick in which colorful stripes were projected onto the green.

► Bohlen's second problem: Clarissa's outfit. In his opinion, she should have worn jeans better than the little black dress to a country song.

► His third point of criticism finally had something to do with the singing. Clarissa had performed extra powerfully in one passage. Wasn't okay with Dieter either.

He nagged: "This scream didn't sound like the big feelings to me, it sounded more like slapping my thumb with a hammer." The music producer even received boos from the audience for the slogan. But he wasn't finished yet.

► Clarissa would also have looked tense to him - his fourth problem. "I didn't think you felt that comfortable," he said. The blonde was so surprised by this that she'd rather not say anything to it.

And in the end, Bohlen also teased jury colleague Xavier Naidoo (47), who would have loved to have listened to Clarissa without an audience.

► With this request, Bohlen had his fifth problem, countered with a wink in the direction of the fans in the hall: “I actually think that's stupid too. I think it's very good that you are there, otherwise I would be sitting here all alone. "

The up-and-coming singer seemed almost a bit intimidated by the extensive criticism. But she had no reason to do so. Because the TV viewers had NOTHING to complain about their appearance and voted Clarissa with many calls to the next round.

This time two boys had to say goodbye. In the end, Momo Chahine (22) and Jonas Weisser (18) had to pack their bags.

There are now only six candidates left.