What is a PTRB truck

What are PTB weapons?

What are PTB weapons?

“PTB weapons” are irritant, alarm and signal weapons. These are usually pistols or revolvers that fire irritants or other active substances, blank cartridges or pyrotechnic charges without projectiles being driven through a barrel. They are therefore not considered to be firearms, but are to be classified as equivalent items. The PTB weapons are mostly built in such a way that no classic projectiles can be fired.

These weapons are only approved with a test seal from the Physikalisch-Technische-Bundesanstalt in Germany. (Labeling PTB + test number in a circle). Weapons of this type without a certification mark are not allowed in Germany and any handling is therefore prohibited there.

Gun regulations:

Acquisition / possession:
- without permission
- no gun license required
- from the age of 18 - otherwise an administrative offense
- Proper safekeeping + protection against removal by unauthorized persons


- only to authorized persons - otherwise an administrative offense

To lead:

- subject to authorization
- Small gun license required
- if no gun license is available - criminal offense-> confiscation by authorities
- Identification requirement (carry ID with you and show it to the authorities when requested)
- Lead on special public. Events -> Administrative offense
- Perform on demonstrations -> criminal offense


- subject to authorization
- only with a shooting permit - otherwise an administrative offense