What is the living promise

Shamanism has accompanied us humans since our beginnings and through all cultures and epochs.

The shamanic view of life, which has nothing in common with our western, "civilized" world, understands all of nature - in all its forms of expression - to be animated and animated.

Everything is related and connected, everything is one.

Thus, each of our actions also has an impact on all other living beings.

One can only become aware of the responsibility involved here through a real connection to 'everything that is'.

This 'being one' (Iyuptala) is an integral part of Indian life.

In all of nature things are "clear and orderly".

Natural things do not lie; they are simply what they are and not what they claim to be.

This results in a completely different kind of understanding of the environment and words like 'trust, believe or promise' simply did not exist.

Nowadays, the feeling of 'being one' has largely given way to a feeling of being alone and of distrust of other living beings.

We have forgotten and forgot to understand ourselves as an integral part of our environment.

Within the indigenous indigenous peoples, shamans are not only the mediators between the worlds, but they also have a comprehensive knowledge of the healing properties of plants.

They can interpret the signs and language of the animals and nature around us.

Animals are viewed and respected as our brothers and sisters in the same way as human beings.

They are respected as guides and teachers as well as companions or sources of food.

The core of the shamanic work, however, is the shamanic journeys into the so-called "non-everyday reality".

During such a journey it is possible to intentionally switch to another state of consciousness.

Information and possibilities can be called up there, to which we otherwise have no direct access - but which can be an essential key for our healing.

Shamanic journeys give you the opportunity to get in very direct and intensive contact with yourself. You will receive solutions and assistance for everyday life.

Nevertheless, this is also not a magic cure to witch all problems out of the world.

It can be a valuable support and help, but the implementation is still up to you.

The intensive work on your own self and your willingness to integrate experiences and courageously move forward on your way are essential.

Shamanic treatment does not replace a doctor's visit and a doctor's visit does not replace shamanic treatment.