What does Uni mean in Korean

Uni in Korean

So that you have a better overview, here are the first university days right after the successful and exciting weekend.

Because of my course changes, I knew that I had the first lecture at 9 a.m. yesterday morning, but not where. So for me it was time to get up early, take a shower, get ready and off to university! I felt like I was on the first day of school and everything was new and so huge! In addition, the first thing I have to do is walk up a huge mountain to get to the university grounds. So I was a bit on my schedule and still had to go up the hill, down another one, over to the main building (the beautiful one with the pillars), up the stairs in front (felt like Rocky jogging up the stairs) and then in the building down to the 3rd floor. When I finally arrived at the International Office, I almost needed an oxygen tent (actually I'm in good shape, but that was something else!) And the woman at the service desk just looked at me puzzled. So then I clicked her on my request and after a little phone call she found out where I had to go. I was also very lucky that she was there because the office doesn't actually open until 9 a.m. and so I would have been really lost.
So I jogged down 3 floors again, down the Rocky stairs, up the mountain and over to the Business Administration Building. It took a while until I understood that the ground floor is the 3rd floor and so I went down one floor to room 209. Unfortunately, the light was off there and so I wasn't sure if I was right . But since I was there 10 minutes earlier, I thought there are still some to come. 5 minutes later I took my things and went out when the cleaning lady came and at least turned the light on for me. So I got back in and waited. Then the professor came. That’s it. So I had private lessons. The professor explained a few things to me about the course, including that attendance is actually compulsory, but if I want to travel, I should say so, then I am officially present because he supports that. I like the man! So we chatted a little about Korea and Germany and that was it. He thinks the Koreans have not yet received any information about the other changed "Advertising" course, so no one was there. A little earlier than expected, I went to take passport photos because I still need them for a few things, but I forgot them in Germany. Never mind, they are extremely cheap here and there was also a photo shop. I have never had such pure skin and I will probably never have it. Koreans stop. Then grabbed a quick muffin and vanilla cream at Starbucks and sat outside and prepared for the course selection. At 10:30 a.m. sharp I changed my courses and luckily everything worked out! Later we went to the canteen to eat very cheaply and I had chops! I was really happy to eat something halfway "normal" and nothing Korean. Even if I like it, I don't want to be forced to do so, I want to be able to choose. After that I had another course. Later I clarified something and so fortunately I will be spared the tuberculosis test on Thursday. I was happy! If they had drawn my blood, I would have freaked out because I freak out if someone comes too close to me with needles.
Then I had to buy a book for advertising in which I have to read 1 chapter for each lecture, because a test then follows. A chapter doesn't sound like a lot, but since the pages are so thin, that's 30 A4 pages ... I'm not happy ...!
In the evening we had a Korean dinner and afterwards we all smelled like chicken because it was being cooked right in front of us. So read 30 pages of advertising at home and go to bed. The day runs by and in the evening you are really exhausted!

Today was my 2nd day! Tuesdays and Thursdays will hopefully be very relaxed .. I don't get to university until 1:30 p.m. and can sleep in before then. Monday and Wednesday are also the same. So today I had time to sleep in, watch series on the laptop and take a comfortable shower in our "great" shower. We started shortly before 1 am and since I didn't feel like going up the mountain, I thought to myself I would look for the other way, because I had my lecture at the front of the main entrance anyway. Unfortunately I got lost and took a huge detour. So, starting tomorrow, the mountain will be slipped up again. Joy. The course is actually in English on Tuesdays and Thursdays, like all my courses, but the professor first explained something in Korean for over 20 minutes and then asked the Koreans to translate it, even though their English was really good, but she insists on interaction in class. Unfortunately, no one volunteered and all Koreans refused to be called. At some point a Korean woman briefly translated something and an exchange student who speaks Korean then translated the rest for us. It's really annoying that the Koreans just don't open their mouths and speak English. English-speaking Koreans are really a rarity here and after a while you are only annoyed because some then don't dare to speak English, but we are always expected to do so. Well today it really annoyed me. The group work will be fun if it goes on like this.
Later we wanted to withdraw the money for the dormitory and after an endless search we found the machine for the "Global Cards". Everything worked for me with my Master Card, but Sina's Visa card was swallowed by the machine and so a man had to come, open the machine and fish the card out. But that seems to happen a lot. She has the card again. After that I paid for mine quickly and we wanted to eat something in the cafeteria. Unfortunately we were a bit late due to the lecture etc. and so there wasn't that much choice at 3 p.m. I then wanted to get a sandwich in the university's own supermarket, but since everything was written in Korean, I didn't know what was in it, so there was another little something for me. I'll be happy if we can at least learn a few words of Korean or at least read a little something in a few weeks' time.
Then we went shopping in a slightly larger supermarket and so I was able to eat carrots, peppers and camembert again this evening. Luxury!
Later we girls were still going to the gym. Around € 35 for 3 months. You can't say anything about that. It's all very old and small, but that's definitely enough for the time! It felt really good to do some sport again, because otherwise I get in a bad mood.

The air conditioning everywhere makes me hoarse. Let's see how long my voice will stay. We will see. In addition, it is becoming more and more difficult for me to speak German from time to time and above all to write, because I actually only speak English all day and so sometimes catch myself thinking in English or sometimes even dreaming at night. Actually not bad, but then I don't want to forget my mother tongue.

So now it is shortly before 1 night .. I am so tired and have to go to bed! After all, I have to get up shortly before 8 ... at least I have you up to date and try to stay that way. But with the whole program it is sometimes difficult. But I will try my best!

Greetings, your Simone :)