When the Tiger Instrumental broke free


The ROG Strix H270 gaming mainboards start with new innovations where the pro gaming series left off. The ROG Strix H270F combine an expressive design with first-class performance and incredible audio quality for an incomparable Gaming-Experience with a revolutionary style. Support for the latest Intel processors and technologies as well as exclusive ROG innovations bring the Gaming-Performance to a new level and give the player the decisive advantage over his opponents. The ROG Strix H270F Gaming fills every movement in every game with gripping energy and gives the player epic speed and agility. With the ROG Strix H270F, the player becomes part of the Republic of Gamers and dominates his opponents!

Gaming to perfection: Aura Sync technology and specially shaped heat sinks

PCB with style: matt black color with a pattern in a striking design

ROG emblem: The reflective, multi-colored surface stands out from the diamond-cut name tag

Aura lighting control

With the intuitive Aura software, you can create your own LED lighting effects. The in ROG Strix H270F Gaming integrated, powerful RGB LEDs illuminate the system with breathtaking, multi-colored light effects. In addition, a separate RGB strip can be connected to the 4-pin connector on the mainboard. When the aura fireworks are lit, twelve different lighting modes are available for a variety of creative combinations.

* The Aura RGB strip connector supports conventional 5050 RGB LED strips with a maximum output of 2A (12V). For maximum brightness, the length of the strips should not exceed 2m.
* An extension cable is included. RGB LED strips are offered separately.

Put your opponents in the shade

ASUS Aura Sync RGB LED technology does it ROG Strix H270F Gaming to the control center for the personal lighting of your choice - unbelievable, synchronous lighting effects between compatible components such as RGB-LED strips, graphics cards, keyboards and even mice can be implemented without any problems! It is possible to change all LEDs at the same time or to let the lighting effects flow smoothly over all synchronized devices with dynamic modes.

* Visit the ASUS Aura microsite for more information about Aura Sync.

Ready for any challenge

ASUS is the first motherboard manufacturer to offer 3D printing support to make motherboard personalization easier and improve system performance with a range of printable parts.

  • Cable cover

    Cover the cables for a cleaner PC.
  • Individual name badge

    The system can be personalized with an individual logo for a unique look.
  • M.2 fan bracket

    The 3D-printed ASUS M.2 fan bracket enables lower operating temperatures for improved performance and longer lifespan.
  • I / O cover

    The I / O connections can be covered and the system can be customized with a logo or lettering.

Exclusive 3D bracket for easy installation

The dedicated 3D bracket on the mainboard makes it easy to install 3D printed parts. The name tags, cable covers or the M.2 fan bracket can be easily attached to the standard mounting holes on the mainboard using the same screws as for the M.2 drives.

* Products with the 3D Printing Friendly logo have the specialized 3D bracket and are supplied with a separate 3D mounting kit.

3D printable accessories

Since the system components are visible in self-assembled PCs, a system with 3D-printed accessories stands out from the crowd.

2-way SLI HB bridge cover

The cover can be plugged onto the PCB SLI HB Bridge to upgrade the system with style. Different form factors - eATX, ATX and mATX - are available.

Fan grille

Small details give the system even more style.

Cable combs

Thanks to the multi-connector design, the cables remain well organized. 3D design files are available for 24-pin, 8-pin, 8 + 6-pin, 6-pin connections as well as for 4-pin power connectors.


The ROG font can be used to print letters - in this way the system can be further personalized with your own name or any other text element!


A self-printed 3D keychain is perfect for showing the passion for ROG to the world!

Instructions to start printing

  • download

    Select the 3D source files to be downloaded.

  • Personalize

    Adjust the size or shape, and add text and other attributes.

    Watch tutorial

  • To press

    You can either use your own printer or use a local service provider. Alternatively, the ASUS store offers the option of 3D printing with Shapeways.

  • installation

    After the uncomplicated assembly, the 3D printed parts can be mounted with M.2 nuts or existing housing brackets.

    Watch tutorial


Shielded audio components for superior sound

The impressive SupremeFX audio technology from ROG Strix has evolved and delivers the best ROG recording quality ever with an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 113 dB on the line-in connection! In addition to a low dropout regulator, which provides a cleaner power supply for the SupremeFX-S1220A codec, we have also added the two RC4580 and OPA1688 OP amplifiers from Texas Instruments®, which combine high amplification power with low distortion. All in all, the result is a sound experience that is more gripping than ever before!

A. Audio cover

The effective shielding preserves the integrity of the audio signal and thus ensures optimal sound quality.

B. Dual operational amplifiers

Thanks to the two operational amplifiers (OP amps), your favorite headphones can be fired with extraordinary sound, while the headphone impedance of 32-600Ω ensures extra flexibility.

D. Premium Nichicon ™ Audio Capacitors

High quality components from Japan for a warm, natural sound with exceptional clarity and fidelity.

D. Audio line shielding

Blocks electromagnetic interference from motherboards and other devices to ensure cleaner sound quality.

Sonic Studio III

The ROG Strix Sonic Studio III has an audio effects station with intelligent routing function that was specially developed for streaming. The new routing function routes the streams to different audio outputs and offers full control over who is listening to what. With Sonic Studio III, all the exciting in-game moments can be shared without worrying about unwarranted DCMA deletion requests. In addition, the Sonic Studio III offers numerous setting options within the application - for creating audio profiles at lightning speed and for crystal-clear conversations thanks to an improved noise filter!

Different audio streams can easily be assigned to different outputs, for example the browser sound to the headphones and the game sound to the speakers.

Application-related profiles

User-defined audio settings can be configured for different applications so that the sound experience is always perfectly tailored to the user.

Noise filter

Automatically detects and eliminates unwanted background noise and guarantees loud, easy-to-understand communication.

Always one step ahead of opponents thanks to the visualization of noise sources

Sonic Radar III

We have revised Sonic Radar III and further developed the audio engine so that the audio signals can be processed more precisely. This ensures that the player is always aware of what is happening around them - we even added an on-screen arrow to help determine the opponent's position in seconds! The player can see from which direction the important in-game sounds are coming and thus improve his ability to locate opponents. The new audio boost feature offers filters that make even the slightest noise audible. So the player becomes the hunter instead of the hunted!

  • Improved audio algorithm

    The new audio algorithm of Sonic Radar III is now even more precise, in order to be able to locate enemies even more precisely.
  • 3D engine

    Sonic Radar III has been developed entirely with the new HUD in mind, which offers an even more intuitive gaming experience with its three-dimensional in-game directional arrow.
  • Audio boost

    Thanks to the new audio boost function, the amplified sound can be heard directly.
  • Audio radar

    Sonic Radar III is also effective in ambient noise and in confusing game situations.
  • Comprehensive
    Energy efficiency

  • Progressive
    Fan control

  • Precise digital
    Voltage regulation

  • React faster
    score better

Immediate performance boost for the processor

With ASUS AI Suite 3, it's easy to do Gaming-Increase the performance of the system! The TPU (TurboV Processing Unit) enables precise voltage regulation and monitoring of the processor and the graphics card. It enables the processor clock frequencies and the multiplier to be freely adjusted so that the performance and potential of the graphics card can be fully exploited *.

Comprehensive energy efficiency

With the EPU (Energy Processing Unit) you can effectively save electricity in real time in the entire PC system - so you get a lot Gaming-Performance without polluting the environment! The EPU adapts the power consumption fully automatically to the use of the PC. This saves you money without having to compromise on your games. In addition, it can reduce the power consumption of the processor to a certain value or save even more power in "Away Mode": In this mode, unused I / O controllers are switched off and the graphics card is switched to power-saving mode. Thus, the full power is available for the game - and the highest energy efficiency when you take a break!

"Cool" design

Play quieter and cooler with the outstanding fan and water pump controls and experience the ultimate in privacy Gaming. Fan Xpert 4 uses integrated temperature sensors as well as hardware detection of the 4/3-pin PWM / DC mode to ensure the optimal balance between cooling performance and low operating noise for each fan. So you get exactly the performance you want, but without all the noise!

Fan Xpert 4

If the CPU is equipped with water cooling, the GPU temperature has the greatest influence on the ambient temperature in the PC case. The new fan control function can use the GPU temperature as an optimization source to reduce the system temperature more precisely and efficiently!

Precise digital voltage regulation

To be faster than fast, you need ultra-precise power control - that's why it is ROG Strix H270F Gaming equipped with ASUS Digi + Power Control and offers not only improved system stability but also outstanding energy efficiency. Digi + Power Control is the industry leading digital power control and is fully compliant with Intel IMVP8 specifications, providing a better and safer power supply.

React faster, score better

The ASUS Turbo app is an intuitive tuning center to increase the overall performance to ensure the player victory in his favorite games! The prioritization of the data transmission of games as well as the optimization of the audio settings ensure clear sound and understandable conversations in the game. Only the fastest wins. So equip yourself with Turbo App.



The uniquely intelligent technology effectively saves an entire storage medium so that preferred games and applications can be started in a flash and are ready for use at the moment they are activated. RAMCache II converts milliseconds into microseconds to load games faster - with compatibility with the latest NVM Express storage options, of course!

The automatic intermediate storage of all storage media at the same time enables optimal use of the system's caching resources.


The elegant graphical UEFI BIOS with mouse control is now even more appealing. Both for PC beginners and for experienced overclockers, there is either the simple EZ mode or the advanced mode for advanced users. In EZ mode, the time and date can be set very quickly, as well as fan and memory profiles (Intel Extreme Memory Profile - XMP). The Advanced mode allows you to set up favorites and shortcuts, record and review recent changes, and take notes in Quick Notes.

CrashFree BIOS 3

No more problems with a damaged BIOS - CrashFree BIOS 3 allows you to restore your PC - even if it no longer boots!

EZ Flash 3

Update the BIOS version via the Internet or directly from the BIOS interface.

Intel Gigabit Ethernet

More throughput and less CPU load for more fun!

The ROG Strix H270F Gaming offers the latest Intel® Ethernet (I219-V) for faster and smoother Gaming. Intel technology offers two advantages: It lowers the processor load and delivers an extremely high TCP and UDP throughput. This relieves the processor considerably so that more power is available for the game.




More throughput, optimal surge protection

LANGuard means secure, more reliable connections for your battles! The improved technology for signal coupling as well as high-quality SMD capacitors guarantee the ROG Strix H270F Gaming a more reliable network connection and higher data throughput. The specially protected components (ESD guards) also offer 1.9 times greater tolerance to electrostatic discharges and 2.5 times greater protection against voltage peaks (up to 15KV)!

SMD capacitors

EMI coverage



GameFirst IV optimizes network traffic and thus offers faster, lag-free onlineGaming - and now we've added multi-gate teaming so that all your networks together offer more maximum bandwidth and the smoothest gameplay you've ever experienced. In addition, you can experience the new Intelligent Mode, which automatically compiles a database by analyzing the data of a new application to ensure that every game is optimized for the best performance.

Two PCIe Gen3 M.2

SSD drives can run at an incredible speed of up to 32 Gbps

The two PCIe Gen3 M.2 slots (1x Type 22110, 1x Type 2280) offer NVMe SSD RAID support for an incredible performance boost. By using two M2 slots, a RAID configuration can be created with up to three PCIe Gen3 storage devices to experience the world's fastest data transfer speeds on a 7th generation Intel Core platform.

Learn more about Intel Optane Technology

USB 3.1 type A + C

Ultimate data transfer speeds of 10 Gbps

With a USB 3.1 Type-A port and a reversible USB 3.1 Type-C port, data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbit / s are possible - twice as fast as USB 3.0. USB 3.1 is also fully backwards compatible with existing USB devices - the starting signal for lightning-fast USB 3.1 speeds with every connection. The exclusive ASUS USB 3.1 Boost technology automatically accelerates the high USB 3.1 performance even further!


With ASUS SafeSlot, the PCIe slot has been completely reinvented. The SafeSlot, manufactured in a new, single-stage manufacturing process using the insert molding process and with reinforced metal and additional soldering points, offers an improved fit of the expansion card in the PCIe slot as well as increased protection against bending.


The integrated LEDs indicate the status of the power supply and problems with the processor, memory, graphics card or boot drive for quick fault diagnosis.


Stay in the game

Overwolf is a clever, unobtrusive overlay for surfing the Internet, reading emails, using chat programs, and streaming or recording gameplay - all while playing. The color-coordinated ROG skins, which identify the player as a member of an elite group, are also available for download in the Overwolf app store.

  • In-game dock 5 customizable apps

  • In-game calls0 missed calls while playing the game

  • Multi-IM support5 + interlocutors in one window

  • 5 customizable apps

  • 0 missed calls while playing

  • 5+ interlocutors in one window

ROG Clone Drive

Create drive images the smart way

The newly developed ROG Clone Drive is a smart, convenient software solution for fast and efficient cloning of hard drives or SSDs. Clone Drive is so powerful that it can copy a disk to two target drives at the same time or create a lightning-fast image of any file on the hard disk.

The ROG Strix H270F Gaming is not just ready for VR - it goes one step further! The ASUS ROG "Beyond VR Ready" certification means that ROG Strix H270F Gaming has been tested with a large number of the leading components in this area to ensure maximum performance in terms of productivity, Gaming and guarantee entertainment - even after the VR headset has been removed. ASUS Beyond VR Ready opens up new possibilities for creating your own dream PC with absolute confidence
Learn more about ASUS Beyond VR Ready

Intel® H270 chipset

The Intel H270 chipset was manufactured in a single chipset design and supports the Intel Core i7, Core i5, Core i3, Pentium and Celeron processors of the 6th and 7th generation for the LGA1151 socket. With serial point-to-point connections, the chipset achieves higher bandwidth and stability and thus improved performance. The H270 chipset also offers eight USB 3.0 ports, six SATA ports with 6 Gbit / s, M.2 with 32 Gbit / s and PCIe 3.0 support for extremely fast data transfer. In addition, the Intel® H270 chipset supports the iGPU function, with which the user can experience the enormous performance of the latest, integrated Intel® graphics processors.

Support of Intel® Core ™ i7, Core ™ i5, Core ™ i3, Pentium® and Celeron® processors of the 6th and 7th generation for the Intel LGA1151 socket

The ROG Strix H270F gaming motherboard supports the Intel® Core ™ i7, Core ™ i5, Core ™ i3, Pentium® and Celeron® processors of the 6th and 7th generation for the LGA1151 socket. The integrated graphics, memory and PCI Express controllers support onboard graphics output with dedicated chipsets, two-channel (4-DIMM) DDR4 memory and 16 PCI Express 3.0 / 2.0 lanes for excellent performance.