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Sales in the Lilien-Arche in the summer months from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and shorter in the winter months depending on the brightness. We therefore ask you to register by telephone on: +49 171 3156045

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Accompanying perennials for lilies, irises and hemerocallis

Our offer sustainable, planted with perennials flower boxes for the Beedabei campaign. The flora of Franconia includes lilies and lily plants, as well as other perennials and bulbous plants. There is also a selection of small summer flowers. Flora is put together and planted individually. Sustainable, i.e. with plants that bloom over and over again for many years. Constant replanting is therefore not necessary. The flowering time of the plants is tailored to the needs of honeybees and wild bees, as well as butterflies and moths. Ordering and collection in the Lilien-Arche is now possible.

Flora of Franconia

The flower dance begins with native snowdrops and botanical crocuses. Exactly at the time when the honey bees are doing their cleaning flight and the first wild bees become active.

Dwarf iris then bloom, followed by horned violets, which are a real magnet for insects.

Now it is the turn of the enchanting flowers of the Columbine, on which numerous large bees, such as the bumblebee, feed themselves.

Dwarf lilies bloom with loads of pollen and nectar in June and July, making them the bees' greatest costume. Houseleek and stonecrop help them feed the bees.

In the meantime, the annual summer flowers that have been sown have also developed and begin to bloom, which will last until frost. These should not be removed before the seeds are ripe, so that they can again look like in the flower box. Excess seedlings can be pricked out the next year. In addition, flower boxes are only available from regional nurseries.

The pieces of bark, sometimes more, sometimes less mossy, serve as shelter for the insects, so please do not remove them.