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The world of television is often a fickle one, with shows coming and going pretty fast, sometimes not even making it an entire season. This is especially true with reality television because the reality of it, no pun intended, is that people change, don't fit the bill, or are frankly just bad television.

Even successful shows are subject to drastic changes at times when the hosts or stars of a show get fired. There could be any number of reasons behind why they get fired, and sometimes it even boils down to the hosts making the choice to move on, or quitting because of bad working conditions. Sometimes it's just plain dumb. Let's take a look at some famous car TV hosts who got fired or quit for some pretty dumb reasons.

18 Jeremy Clarkson Fired From Top Gear

We'll start things off with the most infamous and iconic firing perhaps in recent memory. Jeremy Clarkson was perhaps the most successful host of Top Gear ever, but was fired over an "unprovoked physical and verbal attack," according to washingtonpost.com. The fans were outraged, but he soon began staring in The Grand Tour.

17 Chad "Blue Bear" Geary Fired From American Hot Rod

Many will recognize Chad Geary from the popular TV show American Hot Rod, even though he was on the show fairly briefly. He was fired during a rat-rod build-off for insubordination, according topressreader.com.His friend, Al Simon, walked out at the same time.

16 Scott Jones Fired From Counting Cars

Scott Jones was fired from Counting Cars, the quite popular show featuring Danny Koker, and the exact reason behind his disappearing from the show is a bit of a mystery. Some say that he was fired because of embezzlement, while some say he was just bad at his job. We'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

15 Tom Smith Fired From Fast N 'Loud

This Fast N 'Loud Stars, according to TMZ, was fired after he "let a fan with cystic fibrosis pose for a pic next to a Rolls-Royce owned by shop owner Richard Rawlings." Due to the misunderstanding, he was let go, only to go on and create his own show. Talk about taking life by the horns.

14 Liz Miles Fired From American Hot Rod

While Liz Miles may have been fired from the popular showAmerican hot rod due to salary issues, she never gave up the hot rod life or scene, and has since done some pretty amazing things, including being the PR coordinator for Holly Performance Products.

13 Derek Travis Fired From Street Outlaws

Derek Travis is pretty well known for his appearance on the show Street outlawsas a pretty mean villain. Though according todragzine.com,he's actually one of the nicest guys anyone could meet. Interestingly, he was fired from his other job for participation in the show, due to the illicit nature of the sport.

12 Jordan Butler Fired From Fast N 'Loud

This Fast N 'Loud star, along with Tom Smith, was fired after he "let a fan with cystic fibrosis pose for a pic next to a Rolls-Royce owned by shop owner Richard Rawlings," according toTMZ,and quickly they both moved on to have their very own shop and television show. Sometimes getting fired is a good thing.

11 Paul Teutul Jr. Fired From American Choppers

Paul Teutul, Senior and Junior, are well known for their hot-headedness on the show American Choppers,and this constant fighting, while good for ratings and views, culminated in his father firing him after a massively explosive argument, according toDistractify.It took them ten years to speak again.

10 Joseph Frontiera Fired From Counting Cars

Joseph Frontier was not only fired from Counting Cars, but became embroiled in a pretty massive lawsuit, claiming that he stole money from the company. It's hard to say whether this accusation was on good grounds, or just for good television. Either way, he lost his job.

9 Mike Curtis Fired From American Hot Rod

There was a lot of competition around the time Chip Foose left American Hot Rod to do his own thing, and concerns over helping out the competition and working for them led to Mike Curtis being fired, and on camera even. Seems like a pretty unfortunate way to go.

8 Twiggy Tallant Leaving Vegas Rat Rods

Twiggy Tallant did not give any specific reasons as to why she left Vegas Rat rods, but her time on the show was one filled with all kinds of growth, as she came on to the team as an apprentice, and learned the ropes of the industry as filming began for the television show. She likely had bigger and better things to move on to.

7 Edd China Leaving Wheeler Dealers

Edd China has left Wheeler Dealers in a way that brought all kinds of drama down upon him, the show, and his cohost. With such a verbal exit, many are siding with him and calling out Mike Brewers, while many don't even try to understand the other side of the story.

6 James May and Richard Hammond Leaving Top Gear

While Jeremy Clarkson was most definitely fired from his job hosting the iconic British car motoring showTop Gear,Richard Hammond and James May decided to also leave the show at the same time. Which worked out very well for them, as they all began hostingThe Grand Tour,a motoring show that has had insane success.

5 Chavis Fryer Leaving Diesel Brothers

According to Distractify, Chavis has not appeared on any shows and "is still bragging about his truck even if he is not slated to appear on future episodes of Diesel Brothers. " He is well known for the heartbreak he went through on air, and Distractify also says he should have his own spinoff.

4 Josh Rose Leaving Graveyard Carz

Josh Rose was one of the more beloved stars of the show Graveyard Carz. His departure had many factors, a lot of which are unknown and personal, but according to wikicelebinfo.com, the biggest reason had to do with an inadequate pay compared to his contribution to the show.

3 Chip Foose Leaving Overhaulin '

Due in large part to disagreements with Boyd Coddington, Chip Foose decided to leave Overhaulin 'at the time the shop filed for financial ruin, where he went on to start his own design company, where his talents have brought him quite a measure of success. Overhaulin ', on the other hand, did not do so well.

2 Cheyenne Ruether Leaving Vegas Rat Rods

It can be hard working in a male-dominated workplace, no matter where it is, and that is only amplified when it comes to working in a mechanic's shop. While Cheyenne Ruether has not officially said this is why she left, but it is suspected. Neither her nor Twiggy Tallant have any hard feelings for the crew.

1 Ish Jimenez Leaving West Coast Customs

According to thehogring.com, Ish Jimenez, though extraordinarily grateful for his time at West Coast Customs, left because things were getting just too big for his tastes. In talking about the CEO, he said there's "no way that he can control a big company like West Coast by himself. With that, it brings distance. I wasn't feeling it no more."

Sources: Distractify, The Hog Ring & The Washington Post

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