What happened 237 years ago

What happened to me 4 years ago? Mental breakdown? Interactions?

Hello my dears

I really don't know what to do next. A few months ago I was diagnosed with PAP 2 w. It was the first time ever (I'm 30) that the smear found something. With the third smear, the value was suddenly 3d. I panicked myself, but the doctor said it wasn't bad yet. Today another smear was taken and I'm already terrified of the result. Since I've never had such problems before and currently have enormous stress, I wonder if that could have something to do with it. Last year, like all the years before, the result was great. No increased card value, nothing! However, the stress that had started a few months before began to get worse and worse. And by that I mean really bad. I also had a nervous breakdown, trouble eating from stress, having trouble sleeping, etc. It was a very hard time. And it still is, because unfortunately the reason for this stress is still not settled. That has a big impact on the psyche, but also on the body. He totally rebels. I'm constantly cold, have a headache, stomach problems, have conjunctivitis every now and then, have skin problems and a ganglion that is not exactly small has now formed on the extensor tendon on my foot. These complaints have nothing in common at first, only that everything has started since I was under this extreme stress. Of course I went to the doctor with all my complaints, but nothing serious has yet been found. Therefore, I ask myself whether stress can really cause such reactions in the body, e.g. also a 3d card value?

I'm trying as hard as I can to be careful to eat a lot of healthy food, I even got something extra for my immune system from the pharmacy and I do sport. Unfortunately, I only have the stress factor in my own hands to a certain extent. Most of it comes from "outside" and it won't end that quickly. Knowing that a paper value can also increase to 3d due to stress would definitely be a relief. I already have enough sorrow to worry about. :(