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Facebook: Users can report posts to the supervisory body

Posts reported for hate and agitation, for example, are not necessarily deleted by Facebook. Users now have another option to take action against such posts. | dpaDon't rememberRecommend articleMenlo Park

Users of Facebook and the group subsidiary Instagram can now also switch on the independent oversight board if the platforms refuse to delete posts they have reported.

So far, they could only turn it on to restore content that was wrongly blocked from their point of view. Facebook is thus expanding the competencies of the independent supervisory body, which can reverse the decisions of the online network on how to deal with individual content and users.

The Oversight Board announced on Tuesday that the process will be available to all users in the coming weeks. Anyone who exhausts all possibilities of appeal in the online network receives a reference number with which they can contact the supervisory body. Complaints about contributions that were reported by several users at the same time are bundled in one file.

After it was founded last year, the committee had reversed the blocking of four contributions by the online network in a first series of decisions in January. Only in one of the five published cases did the experts agree with Facebook's content reviewers. In two further resolutions, a Facebook decision was confirmed and one reversed in February and April. The Oversight Board mainly accepts cases that may be of fundamental importance.

Decisions of the committee are binding for the company and cannot be overruled by founder and boss Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook recently got more attention because it is supposed to review the permanent blocking of the Facebook account of the American ex-President Donald Trump.

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