How to align paragraphs horizontally in Word

Align texts in Word

This is how you align your texts in Word

Do you want to place text in the middle of the page or align it to the right in the document? Then the alignment options of Word will help you. We'll show you how to use them.

Usually the texts in Word are written from left to right and are accordingly left-justified on the page. However, you can change the alignment for individual paragraphs or entire pages at any time. This is how you do it:

1. Mark paragraphs

First, mark the paragraph whose text you want to realign. Word always applies the alignment settings for the entire paragraph, whereby headings are also treated like a paragraph. If you want to align several paragraphs, you can simply mark them with the mouse.

2. Adjust paragraph alignment

The paragraph settings can be found on the "Home" tab. Here you can click in the “Paragraph” group on the “Align left” or “Align right” buttons to adjust the alignment accordingly. Selecting "Centered" places the paragraph in the middle of the page, which is useful for headings, for example. Another alternative is “justified”. If you activate this alignment, Word adjusts the size of the spaces between the words so that the line margins are exactly aligned with the two margins.

You can make justification adjustments for each paragraph in the document separately. If you want to realign a complete document, simply press "Ctrl + A“To mark everything all the content. Then you can make the paragraph setting.

You can also create your own text fields in Word. In this tutorial we will show you how it all works.