What does solid Christian meaning mean

Christian Holidays: The most important festivals in Christianity

Christianity is the greatest of the five world religions. Almost a third of the world's population, i.e. around two billion people, are adherents of the Christian doctrine - at least on paper. The Roman Catholic Church forms the largest Christian denomination, but there are also many millions of Protestant, Orthodox and Free Church Christians. While beliefs can differ, the Bible and the main festivals play a central role in all currents.

The Christian festivals at a glance:

Annunciation (9 months before Christmas)

Christmas (The Nativity)


MariƤ Candlemas (Festival of Lights, 40th day after Christmas)

Good Friday (day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ)

Lent (40 days; Ash Wednesday to Easter)

Palm Sunday (Sunday before Easter)

Good Friday (death of Jesus)

Easter (the feast of his resurrection)

Ascension Day (day on which Jusus ascended to heaven)

Pentecost (day on which the Holy Spirit descended from heaven to men)

Corpus Christi (Feast of the Catholic Church)

Assumption of Mary (Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven)

All Saints' Day (Feast of All Saints)