Netball Positions and Where to Go

A. In the theater.Fill in the blanks with the correct articles or pronouns. Pay attention to the case!

Anna goes to __________ (the) theater and sits down behind __________ (a) tall man. It is very dark in __________ (the) theater. Now she is sitting behind __________ (the) man and cannot see anything. The actors jump onto __________ (the) stage (= stage, f.) And the play begins. Beautiful lamps hang over __________ (the) stage: red, green, and blue. Anna sees the lamps over __________ (the) actor_____ (= actors, pl.), But she does not see the actors! The man in front of __________ is VERY tall. Next to __________ (her) two women sit down. Now Anna is sitting between __________ (the) women and behind __________ (the) tall man. She can't go away and she can't see anything. Under __________ (her) Sitzplatz (= seat, m.) She finds old chewing gum. Uh !!! Suddenly Anna jumps over __________ (the) woman next to her and falls on __________ (the) ground (= ground, m.). She sits on __________ (the) floor and screams: "I can't see you there on __________ (the) stage!" You can't do that in __________ (a) theater, of course. The police are coming and they have to go to __________ (the) prison (= prison, n.). Moral: You shouldn't sit behind __________ (a) tall man in theater.

B. Cleaning up the kindergarten. Choose the correct word in brackets.

Mrs. Zeller:So, children, let's clean up now. You're welcome [sets / stands / sets] all books on the bookshelf!
Gabi:Ms. Zeller, should I put the pens on the shelf too [place / lay / lie] ?
Mrs. Zeller:No, here ... so. Now it's better: all the pens [ lay lie ] together here in the drawer (= drawer).
Jürgen:Steffi, where are the pictures that you painted? We wanted her to the window [hang / sit] .
Mrs. Zeller:Jürgen, please help me. We have to put the chairs on the tables [stand / sit / lie] , because I want to vacuum quickly.
Tobias:Oh no! All the sand from the sandbox (= sandbox) [lies / sits / stands] here on the floor. We have to sweep it away.
Jürgen:I'll help you. Where [stands / stands / sits] the broom?
Tobias:I put the broom in the closet yesterday [set / set / placed] , he must still be there.

C. Where / where to?Choose the correct word in brackets.

1. [ Where to where ] are you going this evening? -- I go [ins / im] Theatre.
2. [ Where to where ] is your coat -- Hung [on / on] the wall there.
3. [ Where to where ] is your mother driving? -- She must [on / on] go to the post office.
4. [ Where to where ] should I send the letter? -- At [this / this] Address in Berlin.
5. [ Where to where ] is Ulm? - Ulm is located [on / on / in] the Danube (= Danube).
6. [ Where to where ] is the letter from my girlfriend? - He [lays / lies] on the table.
7. [ Where to where ] did you put my bike - It [stands / stands] behind the garage.
8. [ Where to where ] is the bakery? -- The bakery [lies / sits] next to the butcher shop.
9. [ Where to where ] do you live now -- I live [on / on / in] the Schillerstrasse.

D. In the living room.You can see a picture below. Write 5 sentences to describe the picture. Use at least 3 of the following verbs and 3 of the following prepositions.

to sit
in front