How to activate the hyperlink in PowerPoint 2003

Insert hyperlink in PowerPoint - this is how it works

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint provides you with numerous functions with which you can design your presentations. If you pass this on and would like to link to a website, you can insert a hyperlink. You have various options in PowerPoint so that the link also redirects you.

How to insert a hyperlink in PowerPoint

If you would like to link to a website within your PowerPoint presentation, you need a hyperlink. You can insert this in different ways depending on the operating system used.
  1. The procedure is very similar on Windows and MacOS. But the individual options are also named the same in the browser, on iOS and on Android, so that you can find this function quickly in every application.
  2. First, select the text or image in your presentation that you want to contain the link. You can also choose an inserted shape that will be the hyperlink.
  3. Then click on the "Insert" tab at the top of the menu ribbon. Then select the item "Link" in the new menu.
  4. Here you select the option “File or Website”. Fill in the information you want. You can enter the text that is to be displayed as a link and brief information that is displayed when you move the mouse over the link. The latter, however, is an optional information. Then specify whether the link should lead to a website and the corresponding URL.
  5. Confirm with "Ok" to create the hyperlink.

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