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Fighting dog bit baby dead - this is what happens to "Kowu"

A baby was bitten to death by a fighting dog in the German state of Hesse. Dog "Kowu" is now in an animal shelter and is now being analyzed.
As "heute.at" reported in mid-April, the terrible incident happened in Bad K├Ânig near Hesse.

A dog named "Kowu", believed to be a Staffordshire mix, attacked seven-month-old "Jannis" in the family's living room for no reason whatsoever.

Baby killed in one bite

According to the autopsy, the attack dog injured little "Jannis" so badly that he bled to death with just a single bite in the head.

The father had called the rescue immediately after the bite attack, but any help came too late for the baby. "Jannis" passed away the same evening.

Comment now After the incident, "Kowu" was immediately taken to an animal shelter. Now a specialist should examine the nature of the dog, reports "Tag24".

Parents are silent about the attack

Senior Public Prosecutor Robert Hartmann said on Monday that such an analysis was planned for mid-May. After the test, a decision will probably be made as to whether the four-legged friend can continue to live or be euthanized.

The parents of "Jannis" should not have commented on the incident so far. The 27-year-old and the 23-year-old are under investigation on suspicion of negligent homicide.

"Chico Case"

The case of "Kowu" is very reminiscent of that of "Chico". The attack dog had bitten its owner to death. The Staffordshire Terrier mongrel was euthanized after being assessed by a team of experts.


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