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Java Edition 1.14

1.14, the first release of Village & Pillage, is a major update to Java Edition released on April 23, 2019.[1] It focuses mainly on villages, adding a new subset of illagers known as pillagers, and redesigns village architecture to match the biome it is located in. This update also introduces many new blocks and mobs, revamps the crafting system by moving some functionalities to different blocks , updates the taiga biome with foxes and sweet berries, and adds a new bamboo jungle biome along with bamboo and pandas. It is also the first major release to include the new textures of the texture update.

Originally, 1.14 was to be the version number Update Aquatic would release as, but it was changed to be merged into 1.13, then named Technically updated, due to the world generation overhaul taking longer than Mojang was hoping.[2]

The update was originally revealed during the MINECON Earth 2018 livestream on September 29, 2018.[3]

Additions [edit]

Blocks [edit]

  • Act as a storage unit, with the inventory of a chest.
    • However, unlike a chest, work in tight spaces and can be opened even with a solid block above them.
  • Can be crafted using 6 planks, and two slabs
  • Generate in village fisher cottages.
  • Act as the Fisherman villager's job site.
  • Can be filled by droppers and filled and emptied by hoppers.
  • Play a swinging animation and a sound when right-clicked.
    • Based on the position and facing the player, bells can only be hit in some certain directions, and will only swing on that axis. For example, if the player is standing to the north of a bell and hits the bell, it will swing north / south.
  • Generate in village meeting points.
  • Can be anchored to top and bottom block, as well as walls, with different texture for each.
    • Pop off as an item when the anchored block is destroyed or moved.
  • Hitting a bell during a raid applies the glowing effect to raiding illagers within 32 blocks of it.
  • Hitting a bell will wake nearby sleeping villagers.
Blast furnaces
  • New furnace upgrade that allows for the smelting of ores and melting of metals faster than the traditional furnace.
  • Twice as fast as a regular furnace.
    • Can only smelt ores and melt metals.
  • Can be crafted using 3 smooth stone, 1 furnace, and 5 iron ingots.
  • Generate in village armorer houses.
  • Act as the Armorer villager's job site.
  • Have support for hopper and dropper inputs and outputs.
  • Generate in taiga villages.
  • Decorative fireplace with fire spreading.
  • Can be crafted with 3 sticks, 1 coal or charcoal, and 3 wood or logs, stripped or unstripped, of any wood type.
  • Cooks up to four food items, but 3 times slower than a furnace (30 seconds).
    • Right-click with a food item to place food on campire.
    • Food item pops off when cooked.
  • Emits a new type of particle, a smoke signal that can be seen from a longer distance than normal particles.
    • The particles can travel through 1-2 blocks.
    • Placing a hay bale below the campfire causes the smoke particles to stay longer and rise higher.
  • Emits a light level of 15.
  • Can be put out using a water bucket or a splash water bottle.
    • Extinguishing a campire pops off any (uncooked) food item on it.
    • Can be re-lit with flint and steel or fire charges, but not other fire sources like fire spread.
  • Repeatedly deals 1 damage when walked on (except when sneaking).
Cartography tables
  • Can be crafted with 2 paper and 4 wooden planks.
  • UI visualizes the function of the recipes.
  • Allows cloning, extending, and locking of maps.
    • Locking can be done with a glass pane to prevent modifying them.
  • Generate in village cartographer houses.
  • Act as the Cartographer villager's job site.
  • Block that converts crops and plants into bone meal.
  • Crafted using 4 wooden fences and 3 planks of any type.
  • Generate in village farms.
  • Act as the Farmer villager's job site.
  • Creates a single piece of bone meal per 7 levels of composting.
    • Using certain items on the composter has a chance to add 1 level of composting to the composter, up to 7 levels. After the composter reaches level 7, it will turn into level 8 which is the harvestable stage, yielding 1 bone meal when used.
    • Some composted items will be consumed without adding a level. The chance a level will be added depends on the quality of the item: larger or crafted items have a higher chance of adding a layer when used (eg kelp has a low chance of about 30%, while pumpkin pie has a chance of 100% ).
Fletching tables
  • Generate in village fletcher houses.
  • Can be crafted with 4 planks and 2 flint.
  • Act as the Fletcher villager's job site.
  • Craftable with 2 sticks, a stone slab, and 2 planks.
  • Generate in village weaponsmiths.
  • Act as the Weaponsmith villager's job site.
  • Have a GUI with 2 input slots and 1 output slot.
  • Remove any non-curse enchantment (s) from an item.
  • Can repair items by combining them together.
  • Can be placed on the top, bottom, or side of a block.
Jigsaw blocks
  • A technical block.
  • Not obtainable in survival mode or the creative inventory.
  • Is a 'junction' block that will allow the player to construct structures out of smaller templates.
    • Target pool
      • Refers to a pool of elements the jigsaw block can draw elements from (i.e .: the next template to place).
    • Attachment type
      • Refers to the "name" of the jigsaw block. Jigsaw blocks can only connect to other jigsaw blocks with the same "name" (attachment type).
    • Turn into
      • The block state the jigsaw block will turn into once the whole feature is placed.
  • New light source.
  • A feature originally planned for the Alpha Halloween Update.
    • Notch had previously said that lanterns would not be added into Minecraft.
  • Crafted with 8 iron nuggets surrounding 1 torch.
  • Generate in snowy villages.
  • Can be placed either hanging under or on top of a block.
  • Give slightly more light than a torch.
  • Were an idea originally scrapped from 2012.
    • Unique model based on the scrapped design.
  • Can be crafted from slabs and bookshelves.
  • Right-click empty lectern to place book.
  • Right-click lectern with book to open.
    • Multiple players can read the book at the same time, without having the item.
    • The current page is persistent and shared between all readers.
  • Book can be removed from it.
  • Emits redstone pulses when the page is changed.
  • Generate in village libraries.
  • Act as the Librarian villager's job site.
  • Can be crafted with 2 string on top of 2 planks.
  • Generate in village shepherd houses.
  • Act as the Shepherd villager's job site.
  • Easier way to apply patterns to banners: the purpose is to color and design banners, which was previously done in the crafting grid.
  • Have a slot for a banner, a dye and a banner pattern.
  • Generic patterns now only require 1 dye.
  • Removed existing banner recipes.
  • Special banner patterns can now be crafted into a new item, banner patterns.
    • Craftable using paper and the special pattern items.
  • These patterns don't consume the pattern item when used in the loom.
  • Available banner patterns are shown as a list.
Note blocks
  • Added 6 new note block sounds: "Iron Xylophone", "Cow Bell", "Didgeridoo", "Bit", "Banjo", and "Pling".
  • A new, quickly climbable block that can be crafted using bamboo and string.
  • The player can build a pillar of scaffolding by just pressing use on the top face of a scaffolding block, as well as place scaffolding to the side.
  • The entire structure breaks when the bottom block is broken.
  • The player can climb up a block by jumping and descend by pressing sneak.
    • The player can sneak normally by pressing sneak when there's no other scaffolding block below.
  • The sides only have placement collision detection on the bamboo struts.
    • Scaffolding without blocks under it has a bottom that can be walked on.
  • Can be placed 6 blocks out from its base of support without falling.
  • Added spruce, birch, acacia, jungle, and dark oak signs: signs now come in all different wood types.
  • Sign text's color can now be changed by right-clicking them with any of the 16 dyes.
  • Added stone, andesite, polished andesite, diorite, polished diorite, granite, polished granite, mossy stone brick, mossy cobblestone, smooth sandstone, cut sandstone, smooth red sandstone, cut red sandstone, smooth quartz, red nether brick, and end stone brick slabs.
Smithing Tables
  • Generate in village toolsmith houses.
  • Can be crafted with 4 planks and 2 iron ingots.
  • Act as the Toolsmith villager's job site.
  • New furnace upgrade that allows for the cooking of foods faster than the traditional furnace.
  • Twice as fast as a regular furnace.
  • Can be crafted using 4 logs and 1 furnace.
  • Generate in village butcher shops.
  • Act as the Butcher villager's job site.
  • Have support for hopper and dropper inputs and outputs.
  • Added stone, andesite, polished andesite, diorite, polished diorite, granite, polished granite, mossy stone brick, mossy cobblestone, smooth sandstone, smooth red sandstone, smooth quartz, red nether brick, and end stone brick stairs.
Stone cutters
  • Can be used as a simpler way to craft various stone variants (stairs, slabs, bricks, walls, chiseled, etc.).
  • Can be crafted with 3 stone blocks and 1 iron ingot.
  • Generate in village mason houses.
  • Act as the Mason villager's job site.
Sweet berry bushes
  • Commonly found in Taiga, Taiga Hills, and Taiga Mountains biomes.
  • Rarely found in Snowy Taiga, Snowy Taiga Hills and Snowy Taiga Mountains biomes.
  • Can be planted from sweet berries.
  • Have 4 stages of growth: 'sapling', 'no berries', 'some berries', and 'full berries'.
  • Drop 1-2 berries in the younger stage, 2-3 in the full growth stage.
    • They're harvested with right-click.
  • Support bonemeal usage.
  • They slow movement of all mobs in all stages of growth, with the exception of foxes
  • Any mob can stand inside them, but they deal damage similar to a cactus if the mob isn't standing still, as long as the bush has grown past the 'sapling' stage. This applies to all mobs other than foxes.
  • Added brick, andesite, diorite, granite, prismarine, stone brick, mossy stone brick, sandstone, red sandstone, nether brick, red nether brick, and end stone brick walls.

Items [edit]

  • Added a new tag for item forms of blocks called.
    • Formatted as.
    • Does not affect item model.
Banner patterns
  • Crafted with paper and their associated items.
  • New "Globe" banner pattern, with no associated item.
    • Obtained by trading with a master-level cartographer villager.
Leather horse armor
Spawn eggs
Suspicious stew
Sweet berries
  • Fill 2 () hunger points.
  • Can be planted in the ground and will grow into sweet berry bushes.

Mobs [edit]

  • Have 10health.
  • Drop 0–2 string.
  • Typically found wandering around villages as strays.
  • Black cats can spawn in swamp huts.
  • Have 8 new skins, one being chosen by the community.
  • Can be tamed using raw cod or raw salmon.
  • Tamed cats will sleep or sit on the owner if they go to sleep in a bed.
  • Scare off phantoms, and will hiss at them.
  • Cat collars can now be dyed.
  • Untamed cats can despawn.
  • Added brown variant.
    • Does not spawn naturally.
      • Obtainable when a normal moss room gets struck by lightning, or by using the command.
      • Will change back into a normal moss room when it gets struck by lightning again.
    • Can be fed with a flower and be "milked" for suspicious stew.
      • The stew would have the same attributes that would be given if the player crafted a suspicious stew with the flower.
      • Only given the first time the mooshroom has eaten the flower.
  • Have 20 × 10health. 10 health for weak pandas.
  • Drop 1 bamboo when killed (not affected by Looting).
  • They are usually passive.
  • They spawn in bamboo forests inside jungles.
  • Will seek out bamboo and cakeitems and eat them.
  • They have varying personalities and traits.
    • They can be normal, aggressive, lazy, weak, worried, or playful (defined by two NBT tags, MainGene and HiddenGene).
    • They have a rare white and brown variant (both main and hidden genes have to be brown for a panda to appear brown).
    • Their emotions can be read on their faces.
  • Breedable.
    • Baby pandas will sometimes sneeze, making nearby pandas jump: when they sneeze, they have a chance to drop a slime ball.
    • Variants are inherited by a special panda inheritance system.
  • Sometimes roll and sit on hind legs.
  • When hit, nearby villagers will display the angry villager particles.
  • They are hostile mobs, considered a subset of illagers.
  • Have 24 × 12health.
  • They wield crossbows.
  • Drop their crossbows when killed (affected by Looting).
  • They will raid, or take over, villages, killing villagers.
  • They cannot equip armor of any type.
  • Attack villagers, iron golems and wandering traders.
  • Have 100 × 50health.
  • Have 100% knockback resistance when hit.
  • Destroy crops and leaves.
  • Attack villagers, iron golems and wandering traders.
  • Drop a saddle when killed (100% of the time, not affected by Looting).
  • Name was chosen by the community (It once had Illager beast as a placeholder).
Ravager jockeys
  • Ravagers are ridden by Illagers that spawn in Illager raids.
Trader llamas
  • Have 15 × 7.5 to 30 × 15health.
  • Spawn in pairs alongside a wandering trader.
  • Are hostile towards all illagers (except for ravagers) and all zombie variants.
  • Are the same as normal llamas but have blue and gold decorations.
    • Have a unique default carpet design. Can't be removed, but can be replaced.
    • Can be equipped with carpets as normal llamas. Original garb reappears when the carpet is taken off.
  • Can be tamed normally like any wild llama after the wandering trader is killed or the lead breaks after it walks too far away.
  • Drop 1 lead when killed (100% of the time, not affected by Looting).
Wandering traders
  • Have 20 × 10health.
  • Found in random places around the world. Only one will spawn in the world with two trader llamas and within a 48-block radius of a player.
  • After one in-game day, the game will begin to attempt to spawn a wandering trader once per in-game day.
  • Spawn attempt chance increases with each failed attempt: Initially it will start out at 2.5%, then 5%, and then finally cap out at 7.5%.
  • Provides a random variety of biome-specific item trades, not dependent on biome it spawns in.
    • Trading times are limited, locked trades are not unlockable by conducting other trades.
    • Has 6 trades, all unlocked upfront, once used up cannot be reopened.
  • Despawn after 48000 game ticks (40 minutes).
  • Will drink potions of invisibility at night to hide from hostile mobs.
    • Will drink milk in the daytime to remove the potion effect.
  • Have a data tag containing a block position. When set, they will find the path to that position.

World generation [edit]

  • Added a loading animation when generating a world.
    • Visualizes render of the spawn chunks.
Bamboo forests
Pillager outposts
  • Are structures related to pillagers, separate from illager patrols.
  • Spawn pillagers. Patrol leaders can spawn at outposts.
  • They have loot chests at the top, and minor structures around the main tower.
  • Can be found in any biome a village can be generated in.
  • Use the jigsaw block for generation.
Zombie villages
  • Added snowy tundra zombie villages.

Gameplay [edit]

Illager patrols
Illager raids
  • Triggered when a player inflicted with the Bad Omen effect enters a village.
    • Max Bad Omen level for a maximum-strength raid is V.
    • Kill leaders to increase Bad Omen level.
    • Each person that brings Bad Omen into the village will lead to additional waves of raids.
    • Higher level of Bad Omen means a higher chance that enemies will have enchanted weapons.
  • Pillagers, vindicators, evokers, witches and ravagers can appear as part of the raids.
  • Raid progress bar once a village has been entered is displayed like the ender dragon health bar, decreases on pillager kills.
    • The raid boss bar slowly fills up when a raid is triggered or when a wave is cleared.
    • Shows remaining mobs near the end.
  • Mobs appear in waves, which follow a set pattern of waves based on difficulty (Easy is three waves, Normal is five waves, and Hard is seven waves).
    • A bonus wave is added for every additional level of Bad Omen brought into a village, equivalent to the final base wave.
    • A wave can only begin, if all mobs in the previous wave have been killed.
    • Include witches and evokers on later waves.
  • When players defeat all waves, they get a Hero of the village effect as a reward, and the villagers will gift the player random items according to their profession.
  • Raids end with a Victory or Defeat message.
Resource packs
  • Added "Programmer Art - The classic look of Minecraft" to the resource pack menu.
Status effects
  • Bad omens
    • Acquired by killing an illager patrol leader (an illager wearing a banner on its head).
  • Hero of the Village
    • Occurs when a raid is defeated.
      • The level of the effect is equivalent to the level of the Bad Omen effect.
    • Lasts for approximately two in-game days, in which trades from villagers are heavily discounted.

Command format [edit]

  • Nine new block tags:
    • ,,,,,,,, and.
  • Six new item tags:,,,,, and.
  • General syntax:.
    • Sources: for fishing, for loot chests, for entity drops, and for block drops.
  • Sources:
      • Uses loot chest context (can also be used for advancement awards and cat gifts).
  • Targets:
      • Works similar to. If is missing, command will try to place all returned items. If is higher than the number of items, remaining slots will be cleared.
      • Replaces a range of slots.
      • Inserts items into player's inventory (similar to).
      • Inserts items into container (similar to + left-click).
  • Schedules functions or tags to run in gametime ticks.
  • Any function / tag can be scheduled only once.
  • Calling for an already scheduled function / tag will replace the oldest record.
  • General syntax: Sends to all players on the team of the player who runs the command. Available to all players on a team.
  • Alias:.
  • Clicking the team name opens a new command.

General [edit]

  • Added 7 new advancements:
    • Ol 'Betsy - Shoot a crossbow.
    • Who's the Pillager Now? - Give a pillager a taste of their own medicine.
    • Two Birds, One Arrow - Kill two phantoms with a piercing arrow.
    • Arbalistic - Kill five unique mobs with one crossbow arrow.
    • A Complete Catalog - Tame all cat variants.
    • Voluntary Exile - Kill a raid captain. Maybe consider staying away from villages for the time being ...
    • Hero of the Village - Successfully defend a village from a raid.
  • Added a file to the root of client.jar, which lists information such as data version, protocol version, data pack version, parent version, build date and time, and whether it is a stable build.
Death messages
  • Added new death messages for when a player dies from moving through a sweet berry bush.
    • .
    • .
  • Added more characters to the default font.
  • Corrected several glyphs.
Menu screen
  • Added "Accessibility Options" button to the title screen.
  • Three new particle types:,, and.
  • "Campire" type recipes for adding custom campfire recipes.
  • Added the following splash text:
    • " IS YOU"
    • "Rainbow turtle?"
    • "Something funny!"
    • "I need more context."
    • "Ahhhhhh!"
    • "Do not worry Be Happy!"
    • "Water bottle!"
    • "What's the question?"
    • "Plant a tree!"
    • "Go to the dentist!"
    • "What do you expect?"
    • "Look mum, I'm in a splash!"
    • "It came from space."
Startup Screen
  • Added a loading bar to the startup screen.
    • Once loading is complete the startup screen will now fade into the main menu.
  • Several new statistics:
    • "Barrels opened"
    • "Bells Rung"
    • "Interactions with Blast Furnace"
    • "Interactions with Campfire"
    • "Interactions with Cartography Table"
    • "Interactions with Lectern"
    • "Interactions with Loom"
    • "Raids Triggered"
    • "Raids Won"
    • "Interactions with Smoker"
    • "Interactions with Stonecutter"

Changes [edit]

Blocks [edit]

Brewing stands
  • Now generate in village temples.
  • Act as the Cleric villager's job site.
  • Can now be made by surrounding a non-white dye with white carpet.
  • Now generate in village tanneries.
  • Act as the Leatherworker villager's job site.
Chorus flowers
  • Chorus flowers now break and drop themselves when shot by arrows and tridents.
Crops and nether wart
  • Added placement and breaking sounds.
Cut sandstone and cut red sandstone
  • Is now more like most solid blocks.
    • Redstone dust can now be placed on top of glass.
Grass path, mycelium, and podzol
  • Now have random orientation when placed to correspond with grass blocks.
Nether brick fences
Redstone dust
  • Depowering performance increase.
  • Renamed "Sign" to "Oak Sign".
  • Crafting a sign now requires the same wood type instead of a random assortment.
  • Right-clicking on signs with dyes will now change the text color.
  • Rewrote editing to be more intuitive:
    • Movable cursor for free text editing.
    • Selection support.
    • Copy and paste support.
Smooth quartz, smooth sandstone, smooth red sandstone and smooth stone
Smooth stone slab
  • Stone slabs have been renamed to smooth stone slabs.
  • Are now crafted with smooth stone instead of stone.
Stained glass panes
  • They can now be made by surrounding a dye with non-stained glass panes.
  • Explosions now have a 100% drop rate.
Transparent blocks
  • Can now be climbed without supporting blocks.

Items [edit]

Beetroot soup
  • Recipe changed to be shapeless.
Book and quill
  • Rewrote editing to be more intuitive:
    • Movable cursor for free text editing.
    • Selection support.
    • Copy and paste support.
    • Keyboard and mouse handling.
    • Improved page filling and line wrapping.
    • Double-click to highlight a word, triple-click to highlight a page.
  • Can now go up to 100 pages.
Dead bush
  • Can now be used as fuel in a furnace.
  • Unified all dye names.
    • Rose red, dandelion yellow, and cactus green have been renamed to red, yellow and green dye, respectively.
  • Lapis lazuli, cocoa beans, bone meal and ink sac can be used as dyes.
Rabbit stew
  • Recipe changed to be shapeless.
Totem of undying
  • Texture and model of the totem when used now has the same CustomModelData value as the item had, making resource packs who use that tag have the correct model when activated.

Mobs [edit]

  • Mobs can now sleep in beds using commands.[verify]
  • Updated hitboxes and eye positions of many entities.[more information needed]
    • Player height while sneaking is now 1.5m.
  • Mobs that would spawn and then despawn from being too far away from the player the next tick no longer spawn.
Cats and ocelots
  • Cats and ocelots are being split into two separate mobs.
  • Cats are now able to spawn as strays in villages, which can be tamed.
  • Ocelots can no longer be tamed; instead, they will trust the player, if fed raw salmon or raw cod.
  • Can no longer have armor equipped onto them via a dispenser.
  • Performance improvements.
Illusioners, players and the wither
Iron golem
  • Tweaked spawning in villages
    • Will spawn when enough villagers meet.
    • Will also only spawn if villagers in a village have worked and slept before a meeting.
    • Villagers that are recently hurt by zombies have a higher chance of spawning an iron golem.
Moss rooms
  • Switch types (red or brown) when struck by lightning.
  • Added 3 new sounds, for converting, eating and milking.
  • Mooshrooms now have a data field.
All plains biome variant professions corresponding to their different utility blocks.
All five profession levels, indicated by the badges on their suits.
All trades for each profession and animals.
  • Villagers and zombie villagers now have seven skin types which correspond to the following biomes:
    • Plains
    • Desert
    • Savanna
    • taiga
    • Snowy tundra / snowy taiga
    • Jungle
    • Swamp
  • Added new Mason profession.
  • Revamped trading UI.
    • Available trades are listed in a left sidebar, similar to Bedrock Edition.
    • When players have the required materials, clicking on one of the trades puts the items into the slots automatically.
  • Villager AI has been rewritten, they can now sleep, and around midday, they gather at the meeting point of the village.
  • All villagers will spawn as Nitwits (green robes) or Unemployed (brown robes) when spawned by spawn egg or commands.
    • Unemployed villagers have no profession initially, but change profession based on a "job site" block near them.
  • Now have levels based on XP gained from trading.
  • Now have badges marking their level.
  • When hit by the player, villagers will raise the price of their trades.
  • Villagers will now show players their trades in their hands if the player is holding certain items, which they are trading for.
  • Cured zombie villagers will retain their trades when they are converted back into regular villagers.
  • Villager children will now play in villages.
  • Villagers no longer look at players in spectator mode.
  • Will now break down doors.
  • Tamed wolf kills now count as a player kill.
    • E.g. a zombie can rarely drop a potato on death alongside its normal drops or a illager captain will inflict bad omen on death when killed by the wolf.
      • Before, tamed wolves only had mobs drop XP and their common drops upon death.

Non-mob entities [edit]

Armor stands
Thrown Egg, Thrown Ender Pearl, Thrown Bottle o 'Enchanting, Eye of Ender, Ghast fireball, Blaze fireball (fire charge), and Snowball.
  • Now have an optional tag that can specify a different item stack to render.
Minecart with TNT
  • Explosions now have a 100% drop rate.
  • Paintings are now broken up into individual textures.
    • Animations are supported.

World generation [edit]

  • Village detection is now based on beds, job sites and meeting points instead of doors.
  • Villages will now naturally generate with one iron golem spawned.
  • Plains, Desert, Savanna and Taiga villages have a new architecture.
    • Village houses now have drastically different structures that depend on the biome and there are many more types.
    • Use jigsaw blocks for generation.
  • Added new structure and loot table files for the new village houses.
Swamp huts
  • Now generate with a black cat.
Zombie villages
  • Updated plains, desert, savanna, and taiga zombie villages.
The Nether
  • Soul sand and gravel now generate below Y-level 34 at lava sea level, instead of between Y-level 60 and 65.[4]
    • A possible reason for this tweak was to accommodate for the increased availability of soul sand in the upcoming Nether Update, as the idea of ​​soul sand valley biome had likely been envisioned by the developers while 1.14 was still in development.