How to go pyramid Ragnarok card

Instructions for solitaire


If you want to play solitaire, try to arrange all cards in ascending order into four basic piles, one for each color. If all four stacks are done, you win. First put one card face up and then put six face down cards to the right of it. Then put one card face up on the first face down card and one face down card each on the other five cards. Continue like this until each row ends with a face up card. Put the remaining cards in a pile on the side. To start the game now, look at the face-up cards and think about which of them you can move to get to the face-down card underneath. You can add face-up cards to another face-up card if it is of a different suit and its value is one lower. Since you are revealing a face-down card, you now have to turn it over. If one of the face-up cards is an ace, discard it above the playing field in order to be able to start one of your four basic piles. As soon as you come across the 2 of the same color, you have to put it down on the ace, followed by the 3 and so on. Continue playing all your open cards on the field. When you get to a point where you are stuck, turn over the top three cards of your spare deck to see if they get you anywhere. If not, reveal three more cards from the replacement deck. Use the spare deck whenever you get stuck, but you cannot shuffle it. Keep playing until all of your cards are in ascending order in four piles or you have run out of cards to put down. You can only attach cards to other cards that are of a different suit and are one value higher.

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