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The Bachelor: The 6 hottest TV bachelors in the world

A bunch of dressed up women who want to catch a bachelorette - that is the concept of the TV show “Der Bachelor” (pronounced: Bätschella). It comes from the USA, where 17 seasons have been broadcast on ABC since 2002. Next, Juan Pablo Galavis goes there in search of his queen of hearts.

In Germany, Christian (32) is distributing red roses to women willing to date on RTL. But other countries also have good guys.


Tim (30, Australia)

When this man gets out of the tide, you can't help but watch! In 2013 Tim was the "Bachelor" Down Under. The chiropractor lives in Sydney and has - obviously - also worked as a model.

In the Australian dome show, he met the lawyer Anna Heinrich (26) - and gave her the last rose. Evil tongues claim, however, that the relationship is a PR scam.

PICTURE note: ★★★★★

Juan Pablo (32, USA)

Juan has Venezuelan roots and lives in Miami, Florida. The US “Bachelor”, who outwardly could pass as Rafael van der Vaart's brother, has a career as a professional footballer behind him, playing in the first division of Venezuela and at Miami FC. In 2008 he switched to the music industry and did a promotion for bars and clubs in Miami as well as for musicians.

On TV, Juan Pablo was seen in commercials and as the presenter of a local sports program. In 2013 he was a candidate in the TV show "The Bachelorette", but could not land with the lady. Now he has the reins in his own hands and is looking for a “Bachelor” stepmom for his daughter, whom he has with actress Carla Rodriguez.

PICTURE note: ★★★★

Vujo (27, Switzerland)

Blue eyes, dark, full hair - the man from Zurich is an absolute sunny boy. And athletes: Vujo played in the first division at FC Rapperswil-Jona. The second Swiss “Bachelor” went on air at the end of 2013 and ended up tying up with a candidate. But the liaison did not last long. Vujo likes to post photos on “Instagram” that show him in a winning pose. Sometimes also nude photos ...

According to "Schweizer Illustrierte", Vujo works in the real estate industry, but gave "Son" as the job description on the dating portal "Badoo". And at the age of 27 he still lives with his mother - like UNsexy!

PICTURE note: ★

Paul (31, France)

“Bachelor” Paul (pronounced: “Pol”) is visually a French charmer straight out of a picture book. And anything but a softie: the 1.98-meter, 100-kilo man has been playing rugby for six years.

Paul, who grew up in the Limouson region of central France as the youngest of four children, works in the financial sector, worked for a large French bank in Venezuela and has been an analyst in Singapore for the past three years. Now the "Bachelor" wants to find the woman for life on the French channel NT1.

PICTURE note: ★★★★★

P.S .: The video is worth it just because of its gorgeous accent!

Christian (32, Germany)

The fourth RTL “Bachelor” grew up in Munich and runs an energy drinks company with his brother in Berlin. Christian previously studied at the Sports University in Cologne (focus: sports economics) and continues to play tennis and badminton today.

2011 was a candidate in the blind date show "The Perfect Minute". There he won 25,000 euros and met Anna from Berlin, but nothing came of the two. Christian has been looking for his dream woman as a "Bachelor" since mid-January - and is setting a decent pace: In the second episode he smooched with candidate Angelina (21). And she won't have been the last kiss partner on the show ...

PICTURE note: ★★★★