How to fix hard drive without formatting

Hard drive suddenly RAW how to repair without formatting & quest;

The way it sounds - for now - something broke with the boot sector and it doesn't just happen.

However, it can be repaired relatively easily and then all partitions should be available again.

In this case, data restoration is far too complex, lengthy and imprecise, because the remainder of the data at the end of each file ("Slack Space") with restored and you have some crap at the end of all files.

The MFT is required for a clean data recovery. This is a super-hidden file that states exactly which file begins and ends (to put it simply). This MFT is obtained automatically when the PBR (Partition Boot Record) has been restored and it is created by scanning the MBR (Master Boot Record) in the boot sector again.

In turn, for example, the one from Compu60 already mentioned EaseUs Partition Master (EPM) the program of choice.

But you should better know beforehand what type of disk you have, because there is the MBR type and the GPT type and they are very different. EPM should actually recognize this by now, but I haven't worked with the program for some time and now I can't put my hand on the fire. If that doesn't work automatically, you have to ask again, because then things get complicated.

At the really really However, it would be best - since you seem to have no idea about the matter - to have the hard drive repaired by someone who is really familiar with partitioning and data recovery tools - in any case Not some forest and meadow computer shop.

What also really goes in the pants, is when such instructions are given via such platforms and the users are not even a bit familiar with the problems. The terms alone are often jumbled up and then DATA LOSS happens!

So if it were just a broken MBR, it would be relatively easy to fix. However, this is already a double conditional in a sentence. If things are bad, there is also hardware damage and then it depends on how much your data is worth to you. A professional data recovery service can recover the data, but it won't cost less than 500 EUR.