Philips avent sterilizer how much water

Philips Avent Steam sterilizer 3 in 1 - SCF285 / 02

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Because of the hard lock-down, online trading is currently experiencing an increased number of orders. As a result, orders are sometimes not picked up immediately by DHL as usual or parcels do not move in the tracking system for a long time and can therefore only be delivered later. We would like to apologize for this!

We are getting a lot of inquiries right now and hope that most of them can be answered with the following information.

The following applies in the shop:

  • we regularly adjust the delivery times specified for the products to the current situation
  • an exact prediction of shipping and delivery dates is currently difficult

If you have already ordered:

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If you have pre-ordered products:

We do not see any fundamental problems in the replenishment of products. For individual brands, however, the currently restricted border traffic can lead to delivery bottlenecks. Products that are not in stock can therefore additionally delay your order. We constantly update the delivery times of our suppliers. If you have a customer account, you can check it yourself:

  • log in to the customer account
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  • if all items are “in stock” you don't have to do anything else
  • if necessary, cancel items that have a longer delivery time than expected

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