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Glossary: ​​What comes after Käfer? Worldwide lack of wood?

From 1999 to around 2015, the pine bark beetle raged in western Canada and the USA. Around 700 million m3 Damaged wood was produced. In the most affected province - British Columbia - the sustainable cut rate fell by over 40% as a result. Forestry income has fallen every year since then. It was minus 30% in the previous year alone.

At the same time, 5 million m fell in British Columbia3/ J cutting capacity away. The Canadian sawing industries are increasingly relocating their production to the US South, where the raw material is available.

The amount of damaged wood in North America is by all means comparable to what must be feared in Central Europe by 2030. Therefore the question arises: Will the (spruce) raw material soon become scarce here too?

But the world needs more and more sawn timber! According to a renowned study, the world demand for coniferous sawn timber is expected to rise again by 18% or 61 million m from 2017 to 20253/ J rise. What happens on the world market if Central Europe were to produce less in the medium term?

You have to know: The current price explosion in the USA is primarily due to the reduced domestic supply in North America. What can we expect if the demand really goes up by more than 60 million m3/ J increases and the supply tends to decrease?