What is multimeter probes definition

What is a multimeter and how to use it

How do you use the multimeter? Video instruction

Multimeters are primarily designed for measuring voltage, current, capacitance and resistance. Also, many expensive models of these devices are able to measure temperature, measure the gain of transistors, as well as the method of checking diodes, determine the short circuit in the network. With the help of new generation capacitors, it is easy to measure the capacitance of the capacitor and the inductance of the coil.

Use a multimeter with special probes, wires in his kit. The peculiarity of using inexpensive multimeters is that before starting their operation, it is necessary to fix the entry points of both wires with insulating tape. Otherwise, the wires may fall off because they are very weakly fixed.

Device description

If you want to learn how to use a multimeter, the first thing you need to do is understand its device.

There is a digital display board at the top of each multimeter. Usually it can display up to four digits and is seven segment. The display panel shows the measurement results and it also contains information about the battery status of the device.

Most devices have a Hold and Back Light button below the scoreboard. Hold allows you to keep the last reading in the device's memory and Back Light is used to illuminate the screen when needed.

The back of the case should have a leg that can be attached to the device if necessary. The device is powered by a 9 V battery located under the lid. There is also a backup to protect against failure.

Using the digital multimeter

Before starting measurements, you must connect the probes correctly. This is done as follows:

  1. The main wire shown in black is always a minus. It must therefore be connected to the "COM" socket on the back of the multimeter.
  2. The red wire shows a plus, it is connected to the right of the black one.
  3. on the left is the nest which is designed to measure current at 10 A. This is done without a fuse, so it is likely to burn the device if misused.

The general limit of device operation is also indicated on the back of the device. For example, it's often 600V.

How to use a digital multimeter and properly installed outside measurements

It is worthwhile to indicate at once that if you are going to measure the current or voltage in the device in which the figures are not known beforehand, it is necessary to set a maximum limit of the measurement. Otherwise, the multimeter can fail quickly. You can only switch the measurement limit to a lower one after the first measurements, which showed that the numbers are too small or inaccurate.

If you are interested in how to use a multimeter, you should know that the main task during operation is to correctly install the switch. By default it is set to "Off", which means that the device does not work. The user himself will move it to the desired value depending on what he wants to measure.

To measure the direct current, for example a conventional galvanic batteries, it is necessary to attach the probes at their ends. So knowing that the DC battery is around 3 - 3, 5, one can say that the limit of the measurement must be set larger. For the plus of the battery we apply plus and minus. The display shows the current value.

Now that you know how to use digital measurements and how to do all of the simple measurements.