How cercla 113. contribution law works

Professions at the ÖGK


  • Medical Service Doctors decide e.g. B. whether an inability to work is (still) justified or whether certain therapies are approved. They help ensure that the solidarity community's resources are used carefully. In many cases, they are also advisors and companions for customers during the incapacity for work and provide orientation in the health system. Medical service doctors can be both general practitioners and specialists.

  • dentists work in the dental health centers of the ÖGK, which offer services at the highest level. An extensive range of services and a large variety of patients enable you to continuously expand your own professional skills. For our dentists, there is no economic risk of having their own practice.

  • Doctors in the health centers For physical medicine and rehabilitation are general practitioners or specialists, e.g. B. for physical medicine, neurology or orthopedics. Additional training courses in demand are diplomas in pain or emergency medicine, manual medicine and acupuncture. In addition, doctors work in inpatient facilities of the ÖGK such as spa houses or the Vienna Hanusch Hospital.

  • Doctors in the field of treatment economics analyze the treatment behavior in private practice and derive feedback and recommendations for contract doctors and hospitals from this. In this way, you help ensure that resources are used precisely. You are z. B. in contact with contract doctors and hospitals when it comes to new therapies, drugs, treatment quality and economy, and they advise newly entered contract doctors.

Non-medical health professionals

The large team of the Austrian Health Insurance Fund (ÖGK) also includes people from various health professions. Medical professionals mainly work in health centers for physical medicine and rehabilitation, in dental health centers and in-patient facilities of the ÖGK.

In addition to doctors, our large medical team also includes employees from the following areas:

  • physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • psychotherapy
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Dental technology
  • Dental assistance (also apprentices) and prophylaxis assistance
  • Health and nursing
  • Dietology
  • medical-technical specialist service
  • pharmacy

IT professionals

IT support and advice in all IT matters and the development and maintenance of social security software are the focus of the tasks. We also help design projects in the field of eHealth and work closely with companies that are part of the social security system ITSVand SVC together. The IT priorities differ depending on the ÖGK location.

Customer advisors

Customer service is the flagship of the Austrian Health Insurance Fund (ÖGK). We are constantly looking for communicative personalities who have a good feel for people. Customer advisors work with us in personal and telephone customer care - in customer service points in all federal states of Austria. Anyone doing this job needs a good overview of the benefits of the ÖGK and the legal rules of social insurance. For this, further training and service examinations are necessary. Customer service is a good starting point for a further career at ÖGK. Our customer advisors have different résumés. The prerequisite is a high school diploma or a completed commercial training.

Administration staff

The variety in the administrative area of ​​the Österreichische Gesundheitskasse (ÖGK) is very large: it ranges from sick pay, sick leave management and prescription fee exemptions to weekly and child care allowances to the collection and checking of companies' social security contributions. In these and similar areas, one is often both a clerk and a customer advisor. In addition to communication skills, detailed legal knowledge is important. We train new employees comprehensively, further training and service examinations are also planned. In addition, there are secretarial and project assistance jobs at the ÖGK. Our administrative staff have different résumés. The prerequisite is a high school diploma or a completed commercial training.

Employees with academic qualifications

Employees with degrees from a university or technical college work at the Austrian Health Insurance Fund (ÖGK) not only in medicine and IT, but also in various areas of administration and management. Our large team includes academics with degrees in e.g. B. Law, economics or social sciences. The activities range from contract and contribution law to health promotion and controlling. Service examinations are provided for almost all academic jobs, with the exception of doctors.

Other professions

Depending on the location, there are other professional groups at the Austrian Health Insurance Fund (ÖGK), e.g. B. in the areas of building services, cleaning, reception (porter), service and kitchen (in canteens or health centers), in-house printing, etc.