What size are Heidi Klum's feet

Heidi Klum: "If my daughters are not the right size, they are unlucky"

Thanks to their famous mother, Leni and Lou, the daughters of supermodel Heidi Klum, have a real girl's dream within reach: a wardrobe full of designer clothes and great red carpet gowns. But there is a problem ...

Rummaging around in Heidi Klum's wardrobe - that would be nice, wouldn't it? This girl's dream is tangible for her two daughters every day and they are sure to like to spend a Sunday trying on their mother's red carpet dresses and playing a little princess. But one little thing actually scares them both.

In an interview with the US website "people.com", Heidi said that she has kept many of her looks and dresses from the red carpet because she has two daughters. But above all, the 13-year-old and the 7-year-old are on high heels. The problem: the model is size 43. In fact, quite unusual and really big for a woman.

Heidi Klum is size 43

That's why Lou and Leni worry a little: "They wait and worry that they will never be my shoe size. I'm 43, so they have to grow in," says Heidi. But the blonde does not feel sorry for her girls: "If they are not the right size, then they are really unlucky!"

At her current age, model mom Heidi's shoes don't yet fit, of course. But they still serve their purpose for princess games and we just hope for Leni and Lou that their feet grow really big.

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