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The term “e-prescription”, also called “e-prescription”, is short for “electronic prescription” and describes the transmission of medical prescriptions in electronic form instead of on paper.

At the moment, every patient who is prescribed medication by his doctor in Germany receives a paper prescription, which he then brings to the local pharmacy for redemption or sends to an online pharmacy by post. In the future, this process - from creating a recipe to redeeming it - will be digitized on the basis of the e-prescription and the app.

The data is encrypted and stored on servers of the telematics infrastructure, which are located in a trustworthy data center.

Access to this prescription data via the prescription code is only given to authorized persons such as the patient himself, the treating doctor and the assigned pharmacist. Only people who can log on to the telematics infrastructure using an electronic health professional card and identify them as a pharmacist can use the access data from the prescription code to read and process the e-prescription. The registration with the health professional card takes place via the special card terminals and special "connectors" of the telematics infrastructure and is very secure.