How to access my va bill

Where can I find my bills?

If you have taken out your subscription via, you can see the bills in your Babbel profile on the siteAccount information download. The name given on the invoice corresponds to the information in the fieldsFirst name andSurname in your Babbel profile and cannot be changed after a booking.

Please note:

The invoice contains all the information required for a proper invoice for small amounts. Personal data such as the address are not noted on the invoice as they are not known to us and are not relevant for the contract. You can also read the small amount regulation here:

If you have a subscription through the Apple App Store, the invoices will be sent directly to the email address associated with the Apple user account (Apple ID) that you used to make the purchase.

If you have subscribed to the Google Play Store, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address associated with the Google user account that you used for the purchase: