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Surveillance cameras-outside comparison 2021

So that you and your belongings are always as safe as possible, you should opt for high-quality and reliable video surveillance with a surveillance camera for the outside area, thanks to which you can keep an eye on your property. We give Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Security Camera.

3.1. Outdoor surveillance cameras with WiFi do not require a cable

Most sets of surveillance cameras for outdoor use are uncomplicated and work wirelessly via your WLAN network.

If the surveillance cameras for outside are wireless, they connect to the Internet and can be controlled or displayed directly. As a rule, you do not need a PC for this. All you need is a smartphone or tablet.

The surveillance camera set with radio So sends signals, which you will receive in the form of a notification if possible. There are also surveillance cameras for outside, which need a cable and thus run via LAN.

The surveillance cameras for outside with WLAN are therefore much more practical. The surveillance camera for outside is a network camera: the Recordings sent to you immediately or alternatively in a cloud or on an FTP server made available.

Cameras with storage options are also useful, as they can save the recordings for as long as you want. By the way: Both the surveillance camera set with rechargeable battery and the surveillance camera set with batteries are available.

The power supply is very simple. And: The surveillance cameras for outside are wireless and do not require a power cord.

3.2. Outdoor surveillance cameras should be weatherproof

So that you have some of your security camera set for outdoor use for a long time, it should be weatherproof. Be sure to have the model of your choice waterproof and is not only splash-proof.

Also important for a surveillance camera for outside: Outside cameras should dustproof so that dirt particles cannot penetrate the interior. Most devices are - according to one or the other monitoring system test - made of a robust metal.

Tip: Outdoor surveillance cameras come in different sizes. A surveillance camera for outside in mini format scores with small dimensions and is therefore hardly noticed.

3.3. Outdoor surveillance cameras with a high resolution are suitable for large areas

Outdoor surveillance cameras differ in theirs resolution. The higher this is, the sharper the images. But: Devices that offer more pixels also have a smaller memory and offer less space on the memory card.

A resolution of around 640 x 480 pixels is sufficient for normal use. If you want to monitor a very large area, it is worth buying a camera with a resolution of around 1280 x 720 pixels or 1920 x 1080 pixels. If your camera is also equipped with a high viewing angle, it can also monitor a larger area.

3.4. Live view enables you to see moving images in real time

Practical: if your outdoor surveillance camera is equipped with the so-called live view, you can access the recordings live and watch what is going on in your garden - thanks to a surveillance camera for outside.

External cameras usually work with an app or the Internet browser. Make sure your model has a DDNS address. So you can call up the pictures worldwide. Also practical: A surveillance camera set with a monitor.

3.5. The motion sensor detects changes in the environment

A motion sensor is integrated in some outdoor surveillance cameras. Surveillance camera sets with motion detectors detect changes in the surveillance area and immediately sound the alarm.

Depending on your wishes, you can have the message about a possible intruder sent to you by e-mail, push notification or SMS.

4. Which brands and manufacturers will be considered in the surveillance camera for outdoor tests 2021?

Whether you opt for a large model or an outdoor surveillance camera in mini format: You can get surveillance cameras for outdoors from one Variety of manufacturers and brands.

The high-quality devices differ in their functions, but do not necessarily have to be expensive. Keep your eyes peeled if you can Discounter like Aldi or Lidl visit. Hold this now and then cheap surveillance cameras for outside in their assortments, which are just as good as the price-intensive models.

By the way: surveillance camera sets that are analog are not that modern, but they are significantly cheaper. An overview of brands and manufacturers who offer you security technology such as surveillance cameras and spy cams can be found below.

Motion sensors also secure your property

So that your safety is not endangered, you should rely on additional sensors that you can attach to the house and garden.

For example, there is a special window alarm, i.e. sensors that are attached to your window and sound the alarm as soon as it is opened.

  • Clarer
  • Bedee
  • ieGeek
  • Instar
  • Netgear
  • Zosi

5. What are the key questions and answers from outdoor surveillance camera tests?

5.1. Which areas can I monitor?

If you hang up a surveillance camera outside in the outdoor area, you are allowed to use your front yard and the property you own film.

But: You are not allowed to capture the public street space and the sidewalk, because video surveillance with outdoor surveillance cameras is prohibited there.

5.2. Can I use a recording as evidence?

If you have caught a burglar and taken pictures of him on your surveillance camera for outside, you can hand them over to the police, who will then go in search of the perpetrator.

What you should not do under any circumstances: put the pictures or videos of the surveillance camera for outside with recording on the Internet, because that violates the general right of personality.

5.3. Is there a test from the Stiftung Warentest?

The Stiftung Warentest carried out an outdoor surveillance camera test in 2017 and also tested models for indoor use.

It turned out that some surveillance cameras for outside with recording of potential intruders are misused and they then observe when the residents leave their house. And: Even the best surveillance camera for outside does not adequately protect your privacy.

The test winners in the surveillance camera-for-outside category were primarily not models from Instar and Technaxx, because they only received a "poor" rating.