How does Openraid addon Workaholics


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EDIT: i changed the symbols. Only 2 Works:
- Esohead's Icons (Mitsarugi)
- Realistic Icons (Heidra)
Use the icons that are working because I can't troubleshoot your computer or minion. I would have no reasonable reason for the situation.

Obviously it works for me just fine. I have had people with Unix / Linux have issues but that isn't supported. So if you have windows or Macintosh, then Skyshards should work. If it doesn't all I can suggest is to exit the game, manually delete the mods, and reinstall with minion. If that doesn't work then you can try manually installing the mod. If that doesn't work then I still can't help because I won't be able to reproduce it. I see all the icons just fine.

It is really unfortunate but authors can't fix these odd unexplained situations where a mod that works without issue, doesn't work for a few people.
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