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in different calendars.
A calendar has always been used to determine the days within a period. Depending on the accuracy of the calendar, depending on the orbit of the moon or the earth around the sun, there are different monthly calculations. The most common date today is calculated according to the Gregorian calendar:
05/17/2021 (Arabic numerals) or in some Anglo-Saxon countries 05/17/2021 or in Great Britain May 17th, 2021 or sometimes in reverse order 2021-05-17. In Roman numerals it looks like this: XVII.V.MMXXI .Der The Gregorian calendar has been considered since the end of the 16th century and starts yearly counting with the (assumed) birth of Christ. All following years are counted continuously (e.g. 2005 AD). Years before the birth of Christ are counted accordingly, i.e. 2000 BC. or 2000 B.C.E. (before our era). The year "0" does not exist. The change takes place from year "1" to "-1".
This way of counting is not very suitable for scientific purposes, so the idea was to number all days consecutively, starting from 1.1.4713 BC. than the 1st day after the so-called Julian date.
Today's Julian day number is 2459352 or 2,459,352 (days). The Julian day can be converted into the Julian calendar, although it has nothing in common with this except the similarity of the name. The Julian calendar was common in Europe until the introduction of the Gregorian calendar in 1582 and beyond.
Array ([date] => 5/4/2021 [month] => 5 [day] => 4 [year] => 2021 [dow] => 1 [abbrevdayname] => Mon [dayname] => Monday [abbrevmonth ] => May [monthname] => May)
Monday, May 4, 2021 (JD) Here you can see the inaccuracy of currently 13 days from the Gregorian date:
Array ([date] => 5/17/2021 [month] => 5 [day] => 17 [year] => 2021 [dow] => 1 [abbrevdayname] => Mon [dayname] => Monday [abbrevmonth ] => May [monthname] => May)
Monday, May 17, 2021 The Jewish calendar refers to the year of the biblical creation of the world, or 3761 B.C. Chr:
Array ([date] => 10/6/5781 [month] => 10 [day] => 6 [year] => 5781 [dow] => 1 [abbrevdayname] => Mon [dayname] => Monday [abbrevmonth ] => Sivan [monthname] => Sivan)
Yom Schen, 6th Divan 5781 The Islamic calendar is a purely lunar calendar. There are 12 months with alternating 29 and 30 days. In leap years, the 12th month has 30 days instead of 29. The calendar in the Islamic calendar begins on the day of Muhammad's departure from Mecca for Medina on July 16, 622 (Julian). Due to a lack of coordination with the solar calendar, the seasons are shifted by 11 days from year to year.
Today's Islamic Date is:
Shawwal 1442 The forerunner of today's Chinese calendar was in use more than 2000 years ago. It is a lunisolar calendar, which roughly corresponds to the accuracy of the Gregorian calendar. According to the Chinese lunisolar calendar, today is the
95th day in the 13th month () of the year. The branch of the earth is and the trunk of heaven.
According to the Thai calendar with its Buddhist calendar, a lunar calendar with corrections to the solar year is used. There are 12 months with alternating 29 and 30 days. In leap years, an additional 8th month with 30 days is inserted. The time calculation of the Buddhist calendar begins in the year of Buddha's death in 544 BC. (Gregorian) than the year 0.
Since 1941 the months have been aligned with the Gregorian year. Today's Thai date is:
Wan-ar-tid 17. Düan-prerg-sa-par-kom 2564 B.E.
By 1961, the Korean date became after the year 2333 B.C. counted as year 1, the year in which Korea was founded by the ruler Dangun: 05/17/4354
Today in Korea the date is represented according to the Gregorian calendar:
 2021 05 17
Until 1863, the Japanese date was counted in the same way as the Chinese lunisolar lunar calendar; in the meantime, it has been brought into line with the Gregorian calendar. The years are numbered consecutively according to the current imperial era (Heisei, beginning 1988): H33.05.17 or  33 05 17 or internationalized as
2021 05 17
According to the scheme 'weekday name, year. Month name. Day 'results in the following notation
getsu-yobi, 2021. gogatsu. 17 or in short 05/17 ()
= 5th month (May) = 2nd day of the week (Monday)
The standardized date representation according to ISO 8601 has this format: YEAR-MONTH-DAY- T (ime) - HOURS: MINUTES: SECONDS (+/-) HOURS: MINUTES (deviation from normal time)
2021-05-17T16: 57: 46 + 02: 00
According to scientific findings about the star of Bethlehem and the calculation of the year of Jesus' birth based on the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the zodiac sign Pisces, the year of birth is 7 B.C.E. So the Gregorian year count should actually be corrected by minus 7 years.
The corrected Gregorian date after the star of Bethlehem is 05/17/2014 AD.
There are various scientific opinions on the transfer of dates from the Mayan calendar to the Gregorian calendar. The most commonly used correlation is that according to Goodman-Martínez-Thompson. The Mayan calendar in the long count can cover up to 126 million years. With the usually used 5 digits, a world ends after 5125 years (=
The Maya date (0.) => 0 Piktun (= 20 Baktun) 0 Baktun (= 20 Katun) 0 Katun (= 20 Tun) 0 Tun (= 18 Uinal) 0 Uinal (= 20 days) 0 Kin (= days) corresponds to the alleged beginning of the world, converted to September 6, 3114 BC. Today's date: On December 21, 2012 (Gregorian) the Maya date changes into a new dimension: from to Some people fear the end of the world or some other decisive event on this day. (Piktun: 0) Baktun: 13 Katun: 0 Tun: 8 Uinal: 9 Kin: 9 = 1,875,069 days since the beginning of the world.Tzolkin (.Day): 5 MULUC (09) KIN: 109Haab (.Month): 7 Zip (03)

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