How to Play Don't Starve Together Online

Valheim: How to play co-op with friends

Valheim appears to be the next big early access game.

It's already topping the Steam charts after just a week!

You'll be delighted to know that this is indeed a multiplayer mode!

So you can play with your friends.

Keep in mind that early access may cause some errors, but it is expected.

Read on to find out how to join a friends server!

How to join a friends server

First you want to make your character and your friend has to do the same.

Now one of you has to create a world.

Call it something memorable or write it down.

Make sure you also tick the community server. This way you can play with friends.

You can also add a password if you want to prevent random people from joining.

You will likely want to do it as it is easy for you to come in and grieve, ruining all of your hard work and time.

After creating the server, let the creator join.

If the crow drops you, your friend should be able to sign up by looking up your server name through the filters on the server list.

You'll need to enter the password if you've done one.