Lee so eun when I dream Carol


"Gotta get this money, I don't really get to sleep long"

"I need enough money to spend, enough money to give"

"Hustlin 'Hustlin'"


[Verse 1: Sido]

Out of the MV into the world, I spend money

Leather jacket from LV, in light blue, ah

Charlotte likes it when I buy her fur

And you can build a tent out of your wife's panties

I still give a fuck if you had

I see everything as positive except for an AIDS test

Fuck beef, I'll leave the guns in the closet

I'm a grown man, but I don't conform, no

We see the stars and we reach for them

And if I don't know what to do next, I ask J├Ągermeister for advice

For a few clicks, rappers climb the fans' asses even further

I know who it was, he still has shit on his beard - Iih!

When I see you, I have to be ashamed of others

Drive to hell, you are welcome to take my Benz

I give a shit about you and your ugly company

Come here, fax me and the rest will be in the paper, ah


[Hook: Sido & (Dillon Cooper)]

The world is mine when I grow up

(Gotta get this money, I don't really get to sleep long)

I can sleep when I'm dead

(Work hard, stack checks, I got rich)

Because I have to plow, have to plow, plow

(No rest 'till I'm gone)

Because I have to hustle, have to hustle, hustle

(Ain't got no days off)

Because I have to plow, have to plow, plow

(Do work and get paid

Watch my bank roll, my paper don't fade)


[Verse 2: Dillon Cooper]

Champion with a Jordan jersey, some vintage

You know I'm kitted, ain't kiddin '

With none of these dudes, I'm wicked, ah

Sick with it like [?], I'm paid full

My name rules, King Cooper, I brain doom

Can't clap that, your rhymes wack, my lines fat

Can't grasp the concept, y'all still bledding and I'm fresh

Knuckle up and bust them if they pop the combat

Word is bond, I kill 'em, yo, it's hidden in the contract

Gods define that, define Rap, Sido Zeus

Coop Killer, Hercules, one track no contest

Extraterrestrial contact from the bong hits

Candy kush strong, get 'em high, just off the contact

Jeet Kune Do like Bruce Lee flow

Wing Chun, freekick, go, don't miss no free throw, wow

Gotta get to work, no sleep until I'm in the coffin

Sido, Cooper - rad, if you're not on the team, you are not important




[Verse 3: Dillon Cooper & Sido]

Yup, gotta get this money, cash is realler, count the Benjis

Throwin 'hunnids on the floor

I tell 'em "Pick' em up" like shippers, ah

Cooper killer like a young Bruce Wayne

Young playboys, they be getting that fame

Went to Berlin with a bad ass sound

Am I really going fine, I ain't know her name

Last night I was getting so faded with my nikes on

Siggi got blessed and made three stepping like an icon

Any time we rockin 'they taking face like nikon

Tryna get a glimpse and make a memory that's life long


Now people are spitting on their hands again

Now is the time to plow and use the time until retirement

So don't go to sleep, get up, the Hartz is not enough

So you haven't bought a ticket again

Huh, you're a broke ass motherfucker

And I can have what I dream, because I farm, farm

Bills are made of blood and sweat

I want my own yacht and that's why I stay awake