Scottish 80s bands where are they now



We hear nothing less than a band that has never existed in this form in our latitudes (except for them)! Sad Neutrino Bitches are absolutely unique. Why? Mainly the lyrics are incredibly sarcastic, weird and dirty. So Highestvoiceonerarth sings with his crew about VW-Bus-Asis ("Willing to sleep in there and give birth to offspring"), philistines ("Eats pork during Ramadan - and your son is a police officer") or reduced funds ("For soccer tournaments in the sense of the Basic Law") ). But also notoriously thrifty tourists who like to go on a cost-neutral excursion to memorial sites at the weekend get an overdone: "Picnic at the execution site - excursion to the concentration camp"). Nothing for Korinthenkackers with a morally clean slate - but hectic, always with a wink and, in Dadaism, highly political.

The Sad Neutrino Bitches play a board that is influenced by bands like Oblivians, Zeke and Angry Samonas. Raw, based on 80s trash and garage punk, with American roots. It bangs at all ends. While "VW-Bus-Asis" is an exorbitantly orgasmic high-speed Rock'n'Roll whip with a fat hookline, "Medium shortened" is reminiscent of the good old NDW bands, whose names we have all long forgotten, well except for one or the other two. Singer Highestvoiceonearth is not called that for nothing. Everyone thinks he's a woman thanks to his champagne-glass-shattering voice. This gives the music its very own twist and the band is treated as "female fronted", although in fact only the voice breakage has failed to materialize.

The origins of SNB are of course not uninteresting in the times of "We want to finally understand the Ossi". In addition to bass Italian Bodo Barilla, the other two members grew up in the deepest eastern provinces of Vogtland and Northern Harz. Then they met during their training in Jena, Thuringia, where the band is based. And the question remains: How can such awesome punk shit arise in the Nazi-infested East ?! Without air from the outside, with all the contradictions and inconsistencies? The Sad Neutrino Bitches leave the answer open. And the band name? For free! That's what the three old punks gave themselves when they were in their early 20s. So in 1999. Something like that was still "cool". Now they would rather be called "Piss", "Dÿse" or "Fresse" - well, too late!

The record is a coproduction of the notorious labels Phantom & Spastic Fantastic. Artwork and layout by the dynamic duo Ricaletto & Fuzzgun. Daniel Husayn / North London Bomb Factory did the mastering.