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Foreign language books from Thalia

Are you learning another language? Is your mother tongue a language other than German? Or do you speak different languages ​​and want to read a book in a foreign language? Then discover foreign-language books in the Thalia online shop now! Whether English, Italian, Spanish, French or many other languages ​​- with Thalia you will find your book in the foreign language in which you are looking for it. But not only can you read the foreign language books if you have mastered the foreign language, you can also read the books to learn the foreign language. You will find a large selection of bilingual books for this at Thalia. Foreign-language books of this kind are written in the foreign language you have chosen on the one hand and in German on the other. You can read English novels, Italian poetry and French short stories without having a perfect command of the language. If you do not understand some contexts or you do not know some vocabulary - no problem, you can read it in German and understand it.

Foreign languages ​​are becoming more and more important

Are you interested in other countries, cultures and foreign languages? Then you are spot on here in the category of foreign language books at Thalia! The foreign-language books are not only written in another language - they also take you to other landscapes, other customs and traditions. Not only do you learn different languages ​​through foreign-language books, you also go on a mental journey to other countries. Get to know the history and people of a country through foreign languages. Foreign languages ​​enable you to delve even deeper into the stories and narratives - because they are written in the original. Every word is written as the author actually wrote it, with no translation changes. Discover your new favorite book in other languages ​​now and travel to other worlds!

Foreign language books: crime novels, novels, lexicon and more

Reading English novels is particularly useful for improving your English skills. Through them you will expand your vocabulary and also become grammatically more secure. Read English novels like Game of Thrones or Stephen King books in the original. Are you looking for a book that will help you translate German texts into different languages? Would you like to read your favorite novel in a different language or get excited about thrillers from other countries? Then order foreign-language books from Thalia and you will have your literature in the appropriate language delivered to your home free of charge!