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Shell programming and scripting

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1. What is on Your Mind?

Whois lookup

Hi. I've just made our internal Whois lookup service available for all forum users, not only moderators and admins. Whois Database It's basically the same whois info you can get from your command line and many other web sites. If you would like to see other features, please post in ... (0 Replies)

Discussion started by: Neo

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2. Shell programming and scripting

Lookup field values ​​in two fixed format files in UNIX - not working

I have 2 fixed length files input # 1 & input # 2. I want to match the rows based on the value in position 37-50 in both files (pos 37-50 will have the same value in both files). If any matching record is found then cut the value against company code & Invoice number from input file # 1 (position 99 until ... (3 Replies)

Discussion started by: Lingaraju

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3. Shell programming and scripting

Help on lookup script

Hi All, I've had a look around the forum but cannot find any answers for what I want to do. I have 2 files: FILE 1 =============== ter049107 ter049048 2013-04-09 08:15:16 ter049056 ter049083 ter049112 2013-04-09 10:35:10 2013-04 -09 10:29:47 2013-04-09 07:44:05 FILE 2 - note ... (4 Replies)

Discussion started by: prashantv

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4. Shell programming and scripting

lookup script

dear all .. need your help .. i have searching but still didn't find what i need. i have 2 file, i want to lookup one to many, the key is $ 1: main.txt code.txt output.txt thanks .. br, herman (2 Replies)

Discussion started by: buncit8

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5. UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users

cronjob not working intermittently

Hi there I have a cronjob running on a sol 10 U6 server which runs every 15 minutes. The cronjob is a perl script. But I have noticed that after every few weeks the job stops running all of a sudden. There are other cronjobs running on the system from the same user and from other users which ... (3 Replies)

Discussion started by: sinfuldips

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6. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Cronjob for running a php script intermittently?

Hey all Found this forum googling for solutions. Great community this! Im looking for help trying to run a php script every 20 minutes. The script basically has to loop continuously forever but inexplicably hangs every 30 minutes or so. I have not been able to debug the script and find ... (2 Replies)

Discussion started by: aras

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7. UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users

Network interface goes down intermittently

Hi all, I'm using an HP Proliant server with double NIC and Debian 5 (Lenny) as its OS. I used link bonding on it for several years with no problem. Today, (now only one interface connected to switch) the interface went down. I restarted networking service (/etc/init.d/networking restart) and ... (7 replies)

Discussion started by: mjdousti

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8. UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users

Clueless about how to lookup and reverse lookup IP addresses under a file !!. Pls help

Write a quick shell snippet to find all of the IPV4 IP addresses in any and all of the files under / var / lib / output / *, ignoring whatever else may be in those files. Perform a reverse lookup on each, and format the output neatly, like "IP =, ... (0 replies)

Discussion started by: choco4202002

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9. Shell Programming and Scripting

lookup script

hello I am a student taking an intro to UNIX class. I have an assignment I am having trouble completing. The assignment is as follows. i have a file called .addr_book that has various names and phone numbers in it. I need to write a script called lookup that will run like this I ... (2 Replies)

Discussion started by: tampaJim

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