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Siobhan Fahey

Establishing herself in her native land of Ireland the English musician Siobhan Fahey is now making her cent percent to flourish in the world of international music. She was born as Maire Siobhan Deirdre Fahey on 10th of September, 1958. Best known for founding “Bababarama”, the 80s British girl band, Siobhan later created the Ivor Award & BRIT Award-winning “Shakespears Sisiter”, a musical act.


Digging upon her personal life history, Siobhan Fahey was born as the oldest of 3 children to Joseph Fahey & Helen Fahey in Dublin, Ireland. Her 2 younger sisters are namely, Niamh & Maire Fahey. Both of her parents are originally from Ireland’s County Tiperary. For about a couple of years Siobhan resided in Dublin, prior to her family settled in Yorkshire, England, UK, where her dad served as the British Army’s soldier. Subsequently, her family relocated to Germany before returning back to UK, where she got enrolled at a convent school situated in the City of Edinburgh, Scotland & went to the schools in Kent, Gloucester & Strout in Southern part of England. As she reached 14, she headed to Harpenden along with her parents & 2 years later, Siobhan left home so as to settle in London & became enrolled in the punk-rock vista of late 70s.


As for her romance & affairs, Siobhan Fahey was once married to David A. Stewart, Eurythmics. Though the couple got hitched in the year 1987, they concluded their relationship with a divorce finalization in 1996. Together, Siobhan & her former husband are parents ’to their 2 sons, Django James & Sam, born in 1991 & 1987, respectively. Both of the brothers are professional actors & have even founded a musical group, entitled “Nightmare & Cat”. Earlier to her nuptial with Dave, Siobhan was romantically bounded with drummer Jim Reily. Jim is a member of Stiff Little Fingers, the Northern Irish punk-rock squad. Formally, she as well dated Bobby Bluebell, the Scottish singer of "The Bluebells". Collaboratively, the 2 even wrote the UK number one “Young At Heart”. At some point in the mid 80s, Siobhan briefly dated Robert Hodgens & was even hooked up with Martin Dunne throughout 1997.


Though, Siobhan Fahey initially studied fashion journalism, she later made her career in music, after meeting Keren Woodward & Sara Dallin while attending the fashion course. With them she got involved in their fledging band “Bababarama”, with whom she co-wrote numbers of the band's hits, counting “I Heard a Rumor”, “Robert De Niro's Waiting…”, “Cruel Summer” & “Love in the First Degree ”. She was in the band from the year 1979 to 1988. Afterwards, she created “Shakespears Sisters” in the year 1988, which even earned several award nominations later & proved a darker, further sophisticated face to Siobhan, who time & again emerged in the group's music videos & on- stage as a vamps' glam form. As the band had officially become a duo after meeting Marcella Detroit, an American singer cum songwriter, they released 2 successful albums prior to their split-up in 1993. The very year , Siobhan admitted herself inside a psychiatric unit with severe depression. Later in the year 1996, she went on with Shakespears Sister herself & launched the single entitled "I Can Drive". The next year, she appeared next to Martin Dunne in “Pinned”, the Irish movie. She as well briefly re-joined the band Bananarama to record 1998's “Waterloo”, for “A Song for Eurotrash”, the Eurovision special for Channel 4. Siobhan reunited with Bananarama once again in 2002 per a “last ever” get-together at the group's 20th anniversary gig at the London's GAY. The trio executed “Waterloo” & “Venus”. She independently liberated the album “The MGC Session” in 2005 with Sophie Muller, her frequent collaborator in the mid 90s. On 13th of November, 2008, the thriving persona performed at the launch party, “Pirate Provocateur Extravaganza for the novel winter collection, Agent Provocateur, & for the launch of innovative collection“ Cuntro Classics ”by Dirty Stop Out at London’s KOKO. That year, she as well made her appearance in “What Shall Wa Do with the Drunken Sailor”, the short movie written & directed by Chris Ward. A year later, she made a decision to resurrect the name Shakespears Sisters & aired a new collection “Songs from the Red Room”, under the SF Records. Lately, in the year 2014, Siobhan joined the array of Dexys per few shows, counting at the Glastonbury Festival.


Currently 56, Siobhan Fahey is much concerned about fashion & latest styles. Furthermore, to her acting & singing job, the classy lady has also made her appearances in number of television commercials for several renowned brands such as, Concorde Wine & Comfort Easy Iron. For further biography detail, simply visit wiki. Her fans can even follow her on facebook & twitter for her latest gigs ’updates.