How do I fill out form 38

Fill out the ESTA form

The ESTA document allows you to stay in the US for up to 90 days, regardless of whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. Get started in one with no further delay simple, fast and above all within easy reach of everyone!

One shape, three parts!

The ESTA form consists of three parts.

  1. The first part is the information on Dedicated to the identity of the passenger.
  2. The second part deals with information about the passport and the stay of the passenger .
  3. The third consists of a series of questions. Two possible answers: yes or no. On the agenda: questions about Health status of the traveler, but also about his background in relation to American law.

Any traveler submitting an ESTA record confirms that they have carefully read all of these questions. It is therefore important to answer them correctly and with the greatest sincerity!

Tips for filling out your form

In order to be able to fill out your ESTA form easily, you need to have your passport in front of you, as you need to give the exact number, the country of issue, but also the date of issue and the expiry date.

Do not include an accent when filling out your form otherwise you will have to correct everything at the time of the final validation.

Do not forget to tick the famous box “I hereby confirm that I have read and understood all questions and statements relating to this application” Verifying the data.

Important: If you are traveling to the US by land, it is not necessary to have an ESTA. In this case, the I-94W form must be completed at the border control.

Data verification

This will take you to the "Submission of the request" page, where you can check all your details . This step is everything else as random: If after the form has been validated If an error is found, it is necessary to make a new request and pay the regulatory costs a second time.

If everything seems to be fine, just click "Submit Inquiry", pay a processing fee on the next page, and it's over! Once the approval has been granted, the journey can begin!

Note: Depending on the number of requests, or if your file was selected for a random review of the information entered, your file may be “pending”. Don't worry, you will receive an answer within 72 hours at the latest.