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Civil War

The Civil War was the first war in which the railroad played a crucial role. The Civil War was one of the first wars that were also documented photographically. Here: Fallen in the Battle of Antietam, 1862. Photo by Alexander Gardner. The Civil War or American Civil War was the military conflict that lasted from 1861 to 1865 between the southern states that had left the United States and united in the Confederation and the northern states that remained in the Union.

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Sedgwick, Charles Benedict Calvert, Charles Billinghurst, Charles Brooks Smith, Charles Bryson Simonton, Charles CB Walker , Charles C.Ellsworth, Charles Carroll, Charles Case, Charles Chaillé-Long, Charles Champlain Townsend, Charles Christopher Sheats, Charles Clark (Governor), Charles Conrad Abbott, Charles Cornwallis Chesney, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (Lieutenant Governor), Charles D. Kaier, Charles D. Martin, Charles D. Millard, Charles D. Newton, Charles Dadant, Charles David Anderson, Charles Debrille Poston, Charles Delano, Charles Delemere Haines, Charles Denison, Charles Devens, Charles Dwight Sigsbee, Charles E. Belknap, Charles E. Boles, Charles E. Clarke, Charles E. Coon, Charles E. Hooker, Charles E. Nash, Charles E. Phelps, Charles E. Stuart, Charles ET Lull, Charles Edward Pearce, Charles Emory Smith, Charles F. Ainsworth, Charles F. Manderson, Charles F. Tabor, Charles Fenton Collier, Charles Follen Adams, Charles Francis Adams, Jr., Charles Francis Adams, Sr., Charles Frazier (writers), Charles Frédéric Girard, Charles Frederick Barclay, Charles Frederick Crisp, Charles G. Bennett, Charles G. . Conn, Charles G. Myers, Charles Galloway (jazz musicians), Charles Garke, Charles Gayarré, Charles Germman Burton, Charles Godfrey Gunther, Charles Godfrey Leland, Charles Grafton Page, Charles H. Gaus, Charles H. Graves, Charles H. Grosvenor , Charles H. Larrabee, Charles H. Page, Charles H. Pond, Charles H. Porter, Charles H. Prince, Charles H. Ruggles, Charles H. Sheldon, Charles H. Treat, Charles H. Turner (Politician), Charles H. Upton, Charles Haight, Charles Hallgarten, Charles Hays, Charles Henry Hardin, Charles Henry Morgan, Charles Henry Webb, Charles Herbert Joyce, Charles Homer Mouton, Charles Hughes (politicians), Charles I. Stengle, Charles J. Albright, Charles J. Bell, Charles J. Faulkner, Charles J. Gilman, Charles Jacques Villeré, Charles James Faulkner, Charles James Munnerlyn, Charles John Biddle, Charles Kinney, Charles L. Knapp, Charles L. Robinson, Charles L. Scott, Charles Lewis Tiffany, Charles M. Harris, Charles M. Shelley, Charles Mackay, Charles Manly, Charles Man ly Stedman, Charles Marley Anderson, Charles Memorial Hamilton, Charles Monck, 4th Viscount Monck, Charles N. Brumm, Charles N. Lamison, Charles N. Ross, Charles Nelson Clark, Charles O. Case, Charles O'Neill (politicians) , Charles P. Clever, Charles P. Summerall, Charles Pelham, Charles Phillip Johnson, Charles Pickering Bowditch, Charles Preston Wickham, Charles R. Skinner, Charles R. Train, Charles Ready, Charles S. Baker, Charles S. Lewis, Charles S. May, Charles S. Millington, Charles S. Moore, Charles S. Morehead, Charles Sanders Peirce, Charles Skelton, Charles Smith Olden, Charles Spalding Thomas, Charles Sprague Sargent, Charles Stewart (politician, 1836), Charles Sumner, Charles T. Doxey, Charles T. Dunwell, Charles T. Menoher, Charles T. Saxton, Charles Theodore Mohr, Charles Tillinghast James, Charles Townsend (politician), Charles Triplett O'Ferrall, Charles Upson, Charles Van Wyck, Charles W. Buttz , Charles W. Gillet, Charles W. McClammy, Charles W. Walton, Charles W. Woodman, Charles Wells Russell, Charles Wentworth Upham, Charles Wilkes, Charles William Field, Charles Williamson Flusser, Charles Wilson Pierce, Charles Z. Platt, Charles-Joseph Coursol, Charleston (South Carolina), Charleston (West Virginia), Charleston Battery, Charleston- Earthquake of 1886, Charlottesville, Charlottetown Conference, Chattanooga (Tennessee), Chauncey Depew, Chauncey L. Knapp, Chauncey Vibbard, Chautauqua, Chemehuevi, Chemical Plant Chemnitz, Cheraw (South Carolina), Cherokee, Cherokee (Alabama), Canal Chesapeake , Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, Chester (Illinois), Chester (Pennsylvania), Chester A. Arthur, Chester Bidwell Darrall, Chester D. Hubbard, Chester E. 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Watson, Copper - Justice is brutal , Copperhead (2013), Copperheads, Cora Witherspoon, Cornelia Clapp, Cornelius Cole, Cornelius Leary, Cornelius Robinson, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Council Grove, Country Gentleman, Courtland C. Matson, Coushatta (Louisiana), Cowley County, Crane and Company Old Stone Mill Rag Room, Crawford Howell Toy, Crawford W. Long, Crittenden Compromise, Crockett, Texas, Crossville, Tennessee, CSA Dollar, CSS Manassas, Cuero, Cullen Andrews Battle, Culpeper, Culpeper County, Cumberland Gap, Tennessee , Cumberland River, Cumberland University, Curlin (horse), Currahee Mountain, Currier and Ives, Curtis Coe Bean, Curtis Hooks Brogden, Cushman Kellogg Davis, Cutts-Madison House, Cuxhaven (ship, 1864), Cydnor B. Tompkins, Cyrus Aldrich , Cyrus C. Carpenter, Cy rus D. Prescott, Cyrus Durey, Cyrus L. Dunham, D. Wyatt Aiken, Dabney Herndon Maury, Dahlgrenkanone, Dakota (Volk), Dallas, Dallas (Georgia), Dallas County (Texas), Dallas Stoudenmire, Damien Marchesseault, Daniel B Wright, Daniel Breck, Daniel C. Roper, Daniel Coit Gilman, Daniel Coleman DeJarnette, Daniel D. Barnard, Daniel E. Sickles, Daniel E. Somes, Daniel E. Sutherland, Daniel F. Davis, Daniel F. Steck, Daniel Garrison Brinton, Daniel Gott, Daniel Gould Fowle, Daniel Haines, Daniel Harvey Hill, Daniel J. Riordan, Daniel Kerr (Politician), Daniel Lindsay Russell, Daniel Mace, Daniel Marcy, Daniel Marsh Frost, Daniel Moreau Barringer, Daniel Parkhurst Leadbetter, Daniel Payne, Daniel Polsley, Daniel Sheldon Norton, Daniel Smith Donelson, Daniel T. Hindman, Daniel T. Jones (Politician), Daniel W. Gooch, Daniel W. Mills, Daniel W. Voorhees, Daniel Webster, Daniel Webster Comstock, Daniel Webster Jones, Daniel Weisiger Adams, Daniel Wells junior, Daniel Woodson, Danitra Vance, Danville (Indiana), Darius D. 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Richardson, David Patterson Dyer, David Porter, David Porter Heap, David R. Floyd-Jones, David Rea, David Ritchie, David Rittenhouse Porter, David Rull N. Blackburn, David Rumsey, David S. Creamer, David S. Walbridge, David S. Walker, David Settle Reid, David Stuart (Politician), David T. Patterson, David Tod, David Turpie, David Twiggs, David W. Finney, David Wark Griffith, David Webster Flanagan, David William Lewis, David Williamson Carroll, David Wilmot, Davis Carpenter, Düsseldorf Gallery, De Alva S. Alexander, De Witt Clinton Giddings, De Witt Clinton Littlejohn, Deadlands, Dearborn Observatory, Decatur (Alabama), Decatur (Texas),