How to check icloud mail on android

Use iCloud directly on iOS and Android - that's how it works

Apple has significantly redesigned the website and no longer only provides comprehensive access from desktop browsers, but now also offers many functions for owners of iPhone and iPad and even Android devices. On the website you can access photos, contacts, iCloud mail, calendar, reminders, notes and even iCloud Drive. At the same time, the search for devices connected to the Apple ID is allowed, so that if you lose it, you can use a friend's device to find your own iPhone, for example. is still different

Although Apple has rebuilt the website, the functions are unfortunately still different depending on the device. When an iPhone or Android smartphone is used to access in the web browser, Apple gives less access. Only photos, notes, reminders and the iPhone search are available - which, by the way, has not been renamed “Where is?”.

On the other hand, if you use a tablet like the iPad, additional applications such as Contact, Mail, Calendar, Friends and iCloud Drive become visible. While the desktop page is automatically loaded on the iPad, unfortunately this cannot be forced on the iPhone, so that access remains limited to the four applications despite the requested desktop view. It is unclear why Apple restricts smartphone users in this way and does not even grant access to the contacts.

Photos almost like in the Photos app

The new Photos web app is based heavily on the iOS template and is supplemented by the “Photos”, “iCloud Links” and “Albums” menus via the navigation bar. However, there is no search function. In albums, both created albums and individual media types can be opened - as in the Photos app on the iPhone and iPad. Intelligent features such as "People & Places" are missing, however.

All recordings can be seen in the photos tab. At the bottom, the number of photos and videos is displayed as well as the time of the last update. The button next to it is particularly interesting for Android users. With "Upload" recordings can be saved directly from the Android smartphone in iCloud and thus synchronized on all connected Apple devices.

Notes: Web app with iOS features

The note web app is also very similar to its iOS counterpart and lets users browse their own notes. However, there are differences when it comes to creating. Although tables and checklists can be created and the font formats can be adjusted, it is not possible to insert drawings or photos. Notes with any content can still be opened without any problems.

Why are memories on the web?

Apple's choice of available web apps for smartphone users is interesting. "Reminders" in particular seem unfortunate, while "Calendar" or "Contacts" are more sensible alternatives. The appearance of the reminder lists is kept in the style of the app, but does not show the number of elements. In addition, the new options “Today”, “Planned”, “All” and “Marked” are missing. Incidentally, you cannot create new lists, only individual reminders.

Why search for the iPhone and not “Where is?”?

For most users, however, the “iPhone search” will be most useful if the iPhone has been misplaced or stolen. In this case you can locate the device via and the search function in a few simple steps, delete it or put it into "lost" mode. It is also possible to play back a sound. By the way, “iPhone search” can also be used to track down the devices of family members. However, it is unclear why Apple did not integrate “Friends” and why they were not named in “Where is?” On the iPhone.

Basically, Apple gives users a good way to access iCloud data when their own device is not at hand. The applications react a little more slowly than the native apps of the iPhone, but they do their job. It can be assumed that Apple will make more applications available as they have already started making music, podcasts and even Apple TV + content visible on the web.

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