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Tina Berger (Eva Habermann) is a young, attractive journalist who wants nothing more than to start a family. But her friend Dirk (Marcus Mittermeier), an unsuccessful musician, is not enthusiastic about this idea. After a violent argument with Dirk, Tina rushes into her new job as a society reporter with enthusiasm. During her first report at the Wildberg-Reutlingen Castle, she surprisingly met Count Carl (Pascal Breuer). The youngest son from the Wildberg-Reutlingen family is none other than "Charly", with whom Tina had a stormy holiday love years ago, without knowing that the attractive young man was a nobleman. The old passion flares up again quickly, and to the chagrin of the tradition-conscious father (Heinz Drache), who does not like it that his son intends to marry a "commoner", Carl and Tina want to announce their engagement soon. With Tina's pregnancy, her wish for a family finally seems to be fulfilled. However, when Alexander von Wildberg-Reutlingen (Christoph Grunert) died in a hunting accident, Carl, as his younger brother, suddenly became the heir and faced a difficult decision. His father expects him to break off his engagement to Tina in order to marry the young Baroness Victoria (Olivia Pascal). Because if Carl does not obey the old house laws, the family property will go to the state.

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"Beyond the Rainbow" is an entertaining and soulful staged love melodrama from the aristocratic milieu, excellently cast with Eva Habermann, Marcus Mittermeier, Pascal Breuer, Olivia Pascal and the "Edgar Wallace" veteran Heinz Drache.