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Sasha Marianna Salzmann talks with you

Volker Weidermann invites you on Friday, August 10, 2018, 10.55 p.m., on ZDF together with Christine Westermann and Thea Dorn to talk about books again.

The book list:

  • Maxim Biller "Six Suitcases" (Kiepenheuer & Witsch)
  • Emmanuel Carrère "The Adversary" (Matthes & Seitz, Berlin)
  • Michael Ondaatje "War Light" (Hanser Verlag)
  • Albertine Sarrazin "The Outbreak" (Ink Press)

That's what ZDF says about the books

Emmanuel Carrère "The Adversary":
If you didn't know that everything really happened, and that's exactly how it happened, you would think this story was completely unbelievable. The successful doctor Jean Claude Romand, valued and loved by neighbors and friends, suddenly kills his wife, two small children, his parents and their dog. The police investigations quickly reveal that he was never a doctor, never had a position with the WHO. Business travel and conferences are fictitious. The whole of life is a single pile of lies. And no one suspected.

Michael Ondaatje "Light of War":
For his successful novel "The English Patient", Michael Ondaatje has just received the "Man Booker Prize" in gold, a unique award for the best novel of the last 50 years. And his new work is already on the longlist for the "Man Booker Prize 2018". In "War Light", the Canadian bestselling author tells the story of a spy during the Cold War whose son tries to shed light on his mother's opaque past.

Albertine Sarrazin "The Outbreak":
"I was a thief, I want to become a writer. Any other activity seems out of the question to me," said Albertine Sarrazin of herself and remained true to herself - as a criminal and celebrated author. Their spectacular robberies caused an uproar in France in the 1960s. Her novels about her life on the street, in the underground and in jail delighted Simone de Beauvoir as well as Patty Smith. Albertine Sarrazin was only 29 years old. Now a new translation of her last novel "Der Ausbruch" is published. A tribute to freedom.

Maxim Biller "Six Suitcases"
Who betrayed the patriarch? Was it one of the gifted sons or the ambitious daughter-in-law? Or was it his own fault that he was arrested by the KGB and executed in Moscow in 1960? The family members suspect each other. Their different versions contradict each other and lead to further entanglements. In his new novel, Maxim Biller tells the family drama of a Russian-Jewish family: their flight from Moscow via Prague, to Hamburg and Zurich. At the same time, "Six Suitcase" is also about a post-war Europe in which anti-Semitism lives on to this day.

"The literary" quartet " will be recorded with the audience in the foyer of the Berliner Ensemble. The next broadcast will take place on October 12, 2018 at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The program poster (with covers and broadcast date) can be printed out here.